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Audio: Fedor won’t be fighting on New Year’s Eve

I was a guest during the “Insider” segment on Tuesday’s edition of Fight Network Radio with Mauro Ranallo. You can hear the audio of the segment by clicking here.

During the segment I broke the news that Fedor Emelianenko will not be fighting in Japan on New Year’s Eve. According to M-1 Global CEO and President Monte Cox, the promotion was considering an opportunity for Fedor to fight but the timing simply wasn’t right.

I also followed up with Cox in regards to a previous statement that the promotion would be announcing several fighter sightings following their New York press conference several weeks back. According to Cox, the promotion wants to focus on securing a television deal before they start finalizing contracts with fighters.

There was also a lot of discussion about the IFL and Fight Network Radio producer John Pollock broke the news that IFL Battleground on Fox Sports World in Canada averaged just 200 viewers an hour.

Once again, to hear yesterday’s show, just click here.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    200 viewers an hour?!

    Was it just Brett Beauparlant’s family? God damn.

  • RustyNailz says:

    Wow…Call me 1 of 200

  • pr0cs says:

    Wanted to watch IFL Battleground but wasn’t going to subscribe to that channel for one fight, normally that channel carrys very little content I’m interested in.

    I’ll be really surprised if M1 puts a fight on before summer 2008. Considering how poorly some of the other big named MMA orgs have done via PPV (Bodog) I’d be surprised if M1 can come up with an interesting card/event that isn’t a dismal failure. Unless they can somehow get on free/cable TV I think they will have a difficult time attracting much of an audience outside the hardcore MMA fans.


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