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UFC 81 fight card


What: UFC 81
When: Feb. 2nd ’08; night before Super Bowl XLII
Where: Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.


  • Tim Sylvia vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira – (for the interim UFC Heavyweight Championship)
  • Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir
  • Nate Marquardt vs. Jeremy Horn
  • Rob Yundt vs. Ricardo Almeida

  • Tyson Griffin vs. Gleison Tibau
  • Chris Lytle vs. Kyle Bradley
  • Terry Martin vs. Marvin Eastman
  • David Heath vs. Tim Boetsch
  • Keita Nakamura Vs. Rob Emerson

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  • I have brock by TKO in the first.
    Sorry Frank…

  • Slakdawg says:

    I’m not sure this is a good match up. If Mir wins people will say that he beat an overrated, untested pro-wrestler. If Brock wins the same people will say that he beat a washed-up has been who was never the same following his accident. I see this is a lose-lose and that sucks. Personally I like both fighters and want to see them succeed. I just dont think this is the best way to achieve that.

  • Jesse Denis says:

    This does seem like a situational match-up for both men. And with the Herring, Cro-Cop, Shogun, and Nakamura incidents they should have taken the safe road with Brock. I hope He’s legit. I really want Mir to re-establish himself, stack the division a bit more.

  • egad81 says:

    ….do you think Dana White wants to retire Mir to the WEC ringside?
    I like Frank but you have to admit he is a bit slower post accident.
    He is a kick ass commentator though so he will be around for a long time.

    Brock beats Mir it will just mean a possible Brock vs. Minotauro
    (if Randy dont make up his mind)

  • King Kong says:

    Tyson Griffin vs. Gleison Tibau
    Fight of the night.

  • Chris says:

    Brock lesnar will take frank mir down with ease and smash him up bad, its gonna happen, just u watch. hes to strong for mir, especially after his accident, mir is done

  • michael s says:

    brock will take mir down straight away, brock will gain sidemount, mir might get a kimura, if he doesnt brock just gonna punch like crazy. If mir can withstand the initial barrage i think he has a decent chance on the ground, and if they get stood up it might be a long battle on the fence. the longer the fight goes, the better for mir. although i see brock winning in under 3mins…

  • UFC Freak says:

    There is a good chance that it could go either way. One thing is for sure the fight will go to the ground with mir on his back and brock on top. The question is will mir pull off a signature arm bar or will the referee stop the fight via tko due to cuts/strikes with brock being the winner. Brock is powerful and has excellent ground and pound while mir is always dangerous off of his back especially with heavier men. Mir hasn’t had the best training ethic after his accident. until about 8 months ago and he has looked mighty impressive in and out of the ring since then. He realized that he either needs to quit or step up his training. Look for no advantage in striking / reach.

  • UFC Freak says:

    on a side note brock will be steroid tested after this match, no doubt. hopefully he pops negative. I would hate for him to beat my man Mir only to have it been because he is a cheater. And yes he has taken juice in the past. Another question is how much strength will he lose if he does get off of the juice?

  • Mir is a washed up, has been, daddy’s boy, who only made it in UFC because his daddy owns karate schools around Vegas. Lesnar will run through him.

  • Sven says:

    Mir doesnt stand a chance vs Lesner on the ground

    The man is a freak of nature on the ground.
    You underestimate his wrestling skills.

    I think if Mir can stand him up he’ll have a better chance. Doesnt look really good either way.

    No way this fight goes the distance though

  • jymen says:

    good fight I was not happy with the fact that lesner lost I have no dislike for ground fighting but mir was getting pounded on and I hated the fact that lesner was deducted a piont and pulled off mir witch gave mir a chanct to regain his composure and evrything something that might not have happened otherwise I love the ufc but thay have some rules that need to change really the only rules I think thay should have are bighting eye gouging putting your fingers in someones mouth and kicks to the groin I loke how they have legitimised rounds and are more orginized but they have too many rules that they should really take away downward elbos should be allowed again kicks to a grounde oppinint and things like that

  • jymen says:

    but it is not up too me if people out there had more respect for fighting it probably could be that way we don’t get to mess with foot ball basket ball or baseball why is mixed martial arts so critized if it is too violent don’t watch it that is how I feel it is a demorcy yet the world forces it into the underground just because some don’t like it it should have the right to be what it is and those who don’t like it don’t have too watch it

  • jymen says:

    it is still great but it has had to meet the needs of the government in some ways


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