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Television preview of IFL World Grand Prix matches

The IFL‘s first-ever live telecast Saturday night on MyNetworkTV at 9 p.m. ET is a welcome relief for those sick of all the politics and the drama that’s been going on in MMA. While the league secured a two-hour window in Canada on Fox Sports World, the U.S. television audience will be limited to just one hour. However, that one hour of TV time emanating from the Sears Center in Chicago should be memorable as the IFL is offering two of the best matchups it has to offer from the field of its first-ever World Grand Prix.

The team-based league is taking a break from its usual format and will crown individual champions for the first time in the lightweight, welterweight, middleweight, light heavyweight, and heavyweight divisions. The winners of all tonight’s semifinal bouts will advance to the WGP finals on Dec. 29 in Connecticut, with the lone exception being the light heavyweight bout between Vladimir Matyushenko. Due to contract issues and injury, the league decided to trim the four-man field at 205 lbs. down to two and treat the fans of Chicago to the first-ever individual championship bout in IFL history.

Here’s a brief rundown of the matches scheduled to be shown on MyNetworkTV:

Lightweight Semifinal: Bart Palaszewski vs. Chris Horodecki –

Palaszewski fights for Pat Miletich’s IFL team but doesn’t train out of MFS. It’s ironic because Palaszewski is pretty much the prototypical lighter weight MFS fighter: well-rounded, fundamentally sound, good on the ground, and tough.


  • Accomando says:

    “…While Horodecki is nowhere near as well-rounded as Palaszewski, his standup is much more explosive….”

    I dissagree here.

    The only advantage Horodecki has over Palaszewski, is his take down ability, now depending on the judge, that can be a big deal.

    As far as explosiveness, Bart has already KO’ed 3 people in the IFL, put one on a stretcher in last years finals, dropped John Strawn in 45 seconds the last time he fought at the Sears Center, which is a true “homefield” advantage for Bart, and has 11 KO’s overall.

    I think explosiveness is a wash here, with Bart being the better/harder pucher, and Horodecki having the better/stronger kicks.


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