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David Terrell off UFC 78 card due to ankle injury

Rumors have circulated within the last 36 hours that middleweight fighter David Terrell will be unable to compete at UFC 78 due to injury. ( has confirmed through its sources that Terrell is in fact off the card due to what was termed as a severe ankle injury that was sustained during training.

This is yet another in a long line of setbacks that has limited the talented middleweight to just one fight in the last year and a half. Terrell first took the UFC by storm in 2004 when he upset Matt Lindland at UFC 49 when he knocked Lindland out in just 24 seconds into round one.

Terrell did not fight again in the Octagon until UFC 51 in 2005, losing to Evan Tanner via TKO. He rebounded with a win over Scott Smith in 2006 at UFC 59, submitting Smith with a rear naked choke at 3:08 of round 1.

Terrell had been scheduled to make his UFC return on Nov. 17 against Ed Herman at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. There is no word as to whether a replacement has been named.

All indications are that he was truly motivated for the fight as he dropped a lot of weight in preparation for the bout. Unfortunately, an MRI revealed torn tendons and Terrell has been walking with the aid of crutches since the injury.

  • paddiosf says:

    That sucks, Terrell has Bad Luck….Will he ever be able to live up to his Potential?

  • Evan says:

    This is what ED had to say about it from myspace

    “Ok looks like dave terrell pulled out kind of exspected it, can u blame him ahahah”

  • perpetuum says:

    Maybe they could replace him with Dave Terrel. That’d be some funny shit.

    But seriously, the UFC should give Nate Quarry a call. With Nate you even have a built in storyline given his reportedly acrimonious split from Team Quest.

    Also, I think Kazuo Misaki is a free agent. He has a previous win over Herman and the UFC loves rematches.

  • Anton K says:

    Leben or Swick, perhaps?

  • xx2000xx says:

    MMAweekly announced that Joe Doerksen is taking his place.

  • Tanner says:

    I wouldn’t expect anything else from David Terrell. The shitty thing is that his talent would be a welcome addition to the middleweight division. Its just to the point where you can’t expect david terrell to fight until he’s actually in the cage.

  • Captain says:

    Lame. I’m kind of sick of hearing about ol’ Soul Assassin and his “bad luck.” At this point I just want to see him get beat by a UFC gatekeeper and retire. Sucks cause I think very highly of Cesar Gracie and the rest of his fighters.

  • Evan says:

    How many times has he been taken off of a card now?

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  • Wang Chung says:

    i wonder how nick diaz feels about his buddy terrell getting so many injuries in light of his recent comments about other fighters on the subject..


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