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Round 5 MMA figures on my Christmas list

CLICK HERE for UPDATED PICTURES of the Round 5 Figures!!

Recently came across these pics of some pretty badass MMA figures, that are supposed to be out by Christmas time. Company called Round 5 MMA is making these lil’ toys and recently released (then retracted) images of their new products on Matt Hughes’ blog.


Series 1 will have Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, Rampage Jackson and Matt Hughes. (Tito’s head should prob double the size they currently have) Unfortunately there isn’t much more info than that, as the Round 5 website is one page with a huge logo and a sign-up box. Fear not Five Ounces readers, as I have signed up to receive the updates and will post new images when they are released.

Make fun all you want, but these are pretty sweet.



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