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E:60 Video: ESPN profile on Pat Miletich and Miletich Fighting Systems

I wasn’t able to see the E:60 profile on Pat Miletich and Miletich Fighting Systems live on ESPN but I was able to catch it on the E:60 website. Thanks to ESPN, that video can be made available here on 5 Oz.

I respect a lot of people in mixed martial arts but there isn’t anyone I respect more than Pat Miletich. I was able to go to a seminar he conducted in Cherry Hill, NJ last December and it was awesome to get to see him teach some of his techniques in such an environment.

All I can say is that E:60 did an awesome job on this story and I think most of you will thoroughly enjoy watching it.

  • Matt says:

    E60 says that Miletich has led the Silverbacks to back-to-back titles in the IFL. Not sure how this is accurate, as they lost to the Pitbulls this year…

  • RT says:

    That was deadly, It could of been a helluva a lot longer though.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    I liked that, especially the fact the didnt have to really justify MMA as a sport it was just kind of assuming people now know what it entails.


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