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Bisping vs. Evans: Title Implications?

In the preview for UFC 78 on, Dana White states that the main event between Michael Bisping and Rashad Evans will move the winner into the top 5 light heavyweights.


Who has Bisping or Evans beat to gain them this position and a potential title shot?

UFC 78“The Count” has had four UFC fights against the bloated Josh Haynes, the inept Eric Schafer, Elvis Sinosic and Matt Hamill. Surely this list of opponents isn’t enough to gain a top 5 spot in arguably the UFC’s most stacked division. Especially when, in 3 out of these 4 fights, he was in some sort of trouble.

With Schafer he was taken down at will early until Schafer remembered who he was. Against Sinosic he got knocked senseless by a knee and if Elvis knew where he was he would of finished him with that Kimura and against Matt Hamill he was thrown around like a rag doll and eked out a split decision victory.

Rashad Evans has had six UFC fights against Brad Imes, Sam Hoger, Stephan Bonnar, Jason Lambert, Sean Salmon and Tito Ortiz. Rashad probably has a better claim than Bisping for a Top 5 birth, after his demolition of Jason Lambert and the highlight reel knockout of Salmon but his fight against Ortiz, for me should have been ruled his first loss.

So what if Tito grabbed the fence? Rashad still got that takedown, and when he did, Tito latched on to a guillotine and flipped him and was about to finish the fight, until the round ended.

So how can Dana White say that one of these fighters will break into the top 5 while also saying that Houston Alexander may break into the top 10 with a victory over Thiago Silva?

Well it’s simply because the UFC 78 card lacks an A-Grade headlining bout and White needs a way to sell it. I think the UFC would have a better time selling this card for what it is.

A great card filled with good fighters.

  • Gabber says:

    I totally agree dude, I think both these dudes should jump in the ring with Alexander. Maybe the winner faces Jardine and the loser faces Houston. They’d both get destroyed but I think they need to be put in their place.

    Want to be the main event? Show us you’re worth it. 😛

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Completley off topic but Brad Imes won by Gogoplata again.

  • paddiosf says:

    That’s Dana trying to push his TUF students to the Top of the Heap…Evans/Bisping are no where near the Top 5 in the LHW elite….Evans I like but I think until some of the “Aging” Vets like Liddell,Ortiz, and others are gone then I think the next generation of fighters like them may contend…..

  • Rashad #1 says:

    Houston Alexander is yet to be tested.. his fight at november should prove this

  • Yenny says:

    I guess it makes sense because neither of these guys would appear to retire or look too old when they get killed by Rampage.

  • screwface says:

    rashad evans totally deserves it, u forgot to mention he also demolished keith jardine who demolished chuck lidell :p. and to say so what if tito grabbed the fence is subjective. rashad wouldve won that round if tito didnt grab the fence thus winning the fight. rashad slams were messing up titos back and he was in pain. if he didnt grab the fence to save his back imo that fight wouldve been over a lot sooner. rashad is very talented and very underestimated. bisping is just some1 to promote the ufc overseas with and doesnt stand a chance against rashad. but after rashad wins please he deserves to be top 5 without being questioned all the time for his lack of finishing skills. he knows how to win and brings a very unorthodox style to the game that many opponents have trouble with.

  • dizzle says:

    hmm…top 5 light heavyweight? HAHA don’t make me laugh.

  • drewdoodoo says:

    White is smoking crack. One of these guys being top 5 is like Fedor not being top five. I think we need to sit Dana down and explain what “top five” actually means.

    Both Bisping and Evans need to drop to 185. That should spice things up. Then they can become part of the battle to be the next guy to lose to Anderson Silva.

  • MMA SKOOL ™ says:

    good article. I was thinking the same thing when I saw the headline. Those guys title contenders? Huh?

  • MMA SKOOL ™ says:

    The UFC wants to get as much mileage out of each fighter/champ as they can (except for a guy like Liddell who has basically run out of easy guys to fight), so putting one of those guys up against Jackson would likely be easier for him to continue as the champ, as opposed to just cutting to the chase and throwing Wanderlei or Liddell or Houston in there for him to face…

    That’s also the only reason I can think of why they wouldn’t re-sign Okami and immediately market a title fight against Silva. Okami’s style matches up good against Silva, and could win. But Silva is a good champ. They want to get the most mileage out of him. (That and the idea that the UFC doesn’t want a boring fighter like Okami to be the champ if he were to beat Silva.)

  • Gabber says:


    The only reason Rashad doesn’t have a loss is because Tito grabbed the fence and they penialized it with points for the first time. 😛

    He should be happy Tito grabbed the fence, he kept his “undefeated” record going.

    The Jardine fight was on the show, give me a break. Jardine is twice the fighter he was when he left, if anything, Rashad has “regressed” he went back to his dumb assed head bobbbing, juking crap he was doing on the show in the Tito fight. 😛 The guy is a good middle of the pack fighter. Same with Bisping.

    Yay Gogoplata. 😀

  • dice says:

    Sam Cupitt

    “So how can Dana White say that one of these fighters will break into the top 5 while also saying that Houston Alexander may break into the top 10 with a victory over Thiago Silva?”

    Because he needs to sell tickets using someone with some name recognition. I agree with you, I think the winner of silva/alexander should be ranked higher than the winner of evans/bisping. Its almost as though people have just completely forgotten about the evans/ortiz draw. I was not impressed with evans in that fight, although I agree that he has a bright future in the sport. He just needs a few more fights under his belt before he jumps in there with rampage. And lets not even start on bisping, we all know he lost that fight against hamil.

    Dana’s statement does nothing but confirm the fact that fighters are rewarded for their drawing power more than their performance.

  • D says:

    The Rashad/Ortiz decision aside, fence/ropegrabs piss me off to no end. I’m actually hoping that more penalties come from them. And I’m talking about “takedown-nullifying” grabs, but if there are enough of the “I’m just keeping my balance” grabs then that should warrant a penalty too. It’s just cheap, and even if it is just a reflex, it warrants a penalty!

  • jjdnb says:

    rashad evans totally deserves it, u forgot to mention he also demolished keith jardine who demolished chuck lidell :p.

    Dont think Rashad ever fought Keith Jardine…your thinking of Houston Alexander. And Jardine didnt exactly “destroy” Chuck, he out scored him.

  • screwface says:

    rashad and jardine fought in the season of ultimate fighter they shared, and rashad beat him down with ease…and for the liddell fight, im a huge liddell fan but if it walks like a duck. jardine not only out scored him but made it look easy, true no ko or sub happened but every1 saw it same way, jardine punished him.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Jardine dropped Rashad in the first 10 seconds of that fight… I hardly think it was with ease.

    I still don’t believe Tito grabbing the fence made a difference. If you rewatch the fight, he grabs it as hes going down and John goes “thats a bad tito, 1 point” and he lets go and his arse drops 2 inches to the floor. It was hardly worth a point.

    And also Dana White had the arguement that if the fight went to a fourth round Rashad would have won. That’s a completely moot point. If we were allowed another round to sought out close fights, David Loiseau would have finished Swick instead of at home eating ice cream right now.

  • screwface says:

    tito grabbed the fence mutliple times during that fight to save his back, eventually a point was finally taken, and regardless of how fight started, rashad gave jardine the bloody beatdown, im just stating facts.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    The first time Tito grabbed the fence was worthy of a warning but the second time just ended with a takedown anyway so it should never have been a point. Also if you watch the fight again and look at the last round, look at the clock when Rashad mounts his only offense of the match. 4.50 of the third round.

    Rashad wasnt exactly impressive.

  • screwface says:

    i totaly agree that rashad wasnt impressive in his fight against tito, but neither was tito
    and quite frankly i think a rematch def shouldve been priority. my belief is rashad was nervous to be fighting tito and once his nerves were shaken (finally in the third round :p) he began to fight tito with more of a winning offensive. i do believe if that fight went to a 4th round rashad wouldve won but certainly not an impressive show from both fighters. i really wanted to see that rematch. but its just a subjective fight, depending on which fighter u like more results were seen differently. i love tito, but im really expecting to see big things from rashad in the future. and with the way the fight went a draw was the fair decision. tito is a legend and when ur an up and coming fighter that in itself can be very intimidating, the rematch wouldve been gaurenteed fireworks as both fighters know what the other brings to the ring now. all im sayin is dont sleep on rashad, he continues to grow and learned lots in jacksons camp , hopefully he makes another good camp change eventually and learns even more. hes fought some good fighters and maintains his undefeated record, we can agree to disagree just give the guy some credit :p

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Rashad came alive 10 seconds from the end of the third round. I personally believe Tito and Forest was more of a draw than this fight (10-8, 9-10, 9-10).

    I’m sure he will be good Rashad… but not top 5 good after beating Bisping.

  • screwface says:

    ok how about top 10? :p maybe top 5 is pushing it

  • mcanena says:

    I love hearing these people sitting behind their keyboards ripping fighters and their talents.I can just picture you with your glassses on and your little skinny feeble forearms,if you where to meet Bisping or Evans you wouldn’t dare say sh*t to em.If you hate UFC78 so much stop crying about it and go spend the day playing chess with your school friends you scumbags.
    Bisping will take this fight but it should be a good one.
    Youpeople who sit behind your keyboards and slag off any of these fighters are scum and loosers,cowards and wimps.
    SHUT UP!

  • Throwitdown says:

    I agree.

    Good on em wherever the fight gets them!!! Top 5 Top 10 – they are game enough to get in there in the first place – VAS!!!!!

    Bring back Australias KING!!!!


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