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Interesting thought…

This is probably a pointless article, but I just thought it seemed pretty interesting.Tsuyoshi Kohsaka

We all know Fedor has a near faultless 27-1 record. Fewer people know that the lone blemish on Emeliankeno’s record was against an ex-UFC and Pride veteran named Tsuyoshi Kohsaka. Fedor was stopped due to a pretty severe cut at 17 seconds of the first round.

The cut was opened by a standing elbow delivered by Kohsaka in the first true exchange of the fight. Elbow strikes in the RINGS organisation in which they fought were illegal unless the fighters were wearing elbow pads. However, they were participating in a knockout round of a tournament, and as they believed Fedor couldn’t continue onto the next round with his cut, Kohsaka was awarded the victory and a spot in the next round.

So far your thinking, “Thank you Sam, what a nice little story”, but here’s the interesting part. Kohsaka got to move onto the next round, where he faced none other than… Randy “the Natural” Couture.

So just think, if it wasn’t for this illegal Kohsaka blow, a Couture and “Cyborg” fight would have already happened. Granted, MMA was nowhere as popular then, and even though Randy had just won the UFC heavyweight title for the second time, Fedor wasn’t the force he is now, so the hype wouldn’t be what it is now. Also the RINGS organisation had rules that would probably have affected the quality and legitimacy of the fight, i.e. no ground and pound and standing 8 counts for knockdowns.

It just seems with this illegal blow from “TK” that should have been a disqualification win to Fedor, and the falling through of potential Bodog and UFC fights, that a Randy Couture and Fedor Emelianenko fight was just not meant to be.

People were starting to think that about the Wanderlei Silva and Chuck Liddell fight too though…

P.S. Couture defeated Kohsaka via unanimous decision after 2 rounds.


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