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Randy Couture press conference video II: Clips of Q&A session has posted highlights of the question and answer session that proceeded Randy Couture’s press conference yesterday:

You can access additional MMA-related video on Raw Vegas’ MMA Fix channel by clicking here.

  • jt says:


    Something I haven’t seen anyone mention is the tax implications of a fighters “reported” salary, versus the “tips”, essentially, that the UFC gives out behind the scenes. It seems like fighters could claim on their returns to have made only 12,000 on a fight, yet not include that other 40 grand they got behind the scenes on their returns.

    It might also have implications on the way UFC files its own taxes as well.

  • Brent says:

    jt – that’s the first thing I thought about as well – I think some folks at the IRS are already sharpening their knives…

  • dizzle says:

    Randy is a true professional. I hope Dana White can a learn a thing or 2 from the way that he handles this type of situation. To be honest…I can really see another Orginazation topping UFC in about 5 years.


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