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Fedor Emelianenko’s first M-1 fight vs. Jeff Monson?

According to, negotiations may be well underway for the match-up:

“The ‘Snowman’ Jeff Monson, full of praise during in an interview with, cited the ‘very good possibility of fighting the Russian’ and also said he is ‘in the process of working through things with M-1.”

Monson? I don’t think it will garner much more interest than the fight with Matt Lindland did, but at least it will get Emelianenko back in the ring with something of a legitimate opponent.

The fight is also a safe one for the M-1 organization. Emelianenko’s chances of losing to Monson are much less than they would be against other name free-agent heavyweights like Josh Barnett or Mark Hunt.

  • garth says:

    While less, there still is a chance of him losing. Monson has world-class grappling skills, even though his MMA results of late haven’t been great. My question is what does M1 do if Monson beats Fedor?
    And yes, as many people have asked in various forums, I would pay for a Fedor-Monson PPV, happily.

  • UFC says:

    :: whisper :: Rickson Gracie

  • bubbafat says:

    Monson always seems to try to predict who he’s fighting before the contracts even written up. And then the fight doesn’t happen. I know he’s not signed but I still think that Big Ben Rothwell is Fedor’s (most likely) next opponent. He’s having contract trouble with Kurt Otto and the IFL, and he’s been one of Monte Cox’s guys for years.

  • perpetuum says:

    I very much doubt this fight will happen. There seems to be all risk and no upside for Fedor. If he wins, he’ll have beaten a fighter with dubious name recognition who was recently manhandled by Tim Sylvia and is coming off a KO loss to perennial underachiever Pedro Rizzo. If Fedor loses, the mystique he has built up with the casual MMA/UFC fan in recent months will completely evaporate. It would also be a huge blow to M-1, who seems, so far at least, to be banking almost exclusively on Fedor’s drawing power.

    On a related note, if the UFC is really smart, they will go out of their way to sign Josh Barnett, Mark Hunt, and Ricardo Arona. This would take 3 potential big match ups away from Fedor and M-1 and force them to continue contemplating risky matches with the likes of Monson and Rothwell–skilled, dangerous opponents with very little drawing power or name recognition.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Any opponent for Fedor is risky, this is MMA. ANYTHING can happen. That is why it is a gamble for M-1 to set up a company solely based around one fighter rather than building up an organisation like Mark Cuban with lower tier fighters.

    Its very risky for M-1 because one Fujitaesque punch from a Fedor opponent could not only knock out Fedor but also M-1.


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