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Does Fedor Suck?

Towards the end of the press conference yesterday, a frustrated Dana White uttered the following:

“Fedor sucks. He’s not even a top 5 heavyweight.”

Really? The consensus number one pound for pound fighter in the world sucks?

Sounds strange to hear, but o.k., let’s say that every man is entitled to their opinion (this is the U.S. after all). Then we should look at the following:

– The UFC desperately trying to sign Emelianenko for the past six months. On multiple occasions, White claimed the Pride heavyweight champion was well on his way, Read here and here.

– Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera likely being put in a spot to fight for the vacant UFC heavyweight title on February 2, 2008. Noguiera and Emelianenko fought three times. Nogueira victories? Zero.

– White attempting to sign Emelianenko to a multi-fight contract – especially when he was offered to largest deal in UFC history.

– The UFC breaking the bank to sign Mirko Cro Cop if the Croatian wasn’t a top 5 fighter. Emelianenko 1 Cro Cop 0.

– Heath Herring’s contract being picked up from the WFA. Emelianenko thoroughly dominated Herring in their only encounter.

The list could go on. Clearly, White was disappointed in not signing Emelianenko, but it was difficult to listen to White run down Emelianenko during the press conference. None of the people on the line were buying it, and I gather no true fans of the sport agree either.

Regardless of yesterday’s announcements, the dream fight (for this year) everyone wants is still Randy Couture vs. Emelianenko. Every day, the fight seems further and further away from happening. The only way that I see fight becoming possible is if Couture settles his differences with the UFC, and Emelianenko restructures his M-1 deal.

By restructure, Emelianenko would have to provide the UFC with options on his next two to three fights should he beat Couture. The UFC can’t afford to have someone come in, defeat the UFC champ, and leave. But if Emelianenko comes in, defeats Couture and then has three more fights with the UFC, a deal could be possible.

Either way, the fight that Dana White and the rest of the U.S. really wants to see is Randy Couture vs The Guy who doesn’t suck.

  • Evan says:

    “The consensus number one pound for pound fighter in the world sucks?”

    Just sayen…

  • drewdoodoo says:

    Dana obviously knows what he is doing (or used to know) to be where is and to have helped get the UFC where it is. But why does he have to whine like a mule when he doesn’t get what he wants? To be that reckless and burn bridges in a business like this is stupid. We aren’t talking about a Babalu here where he can just scrap the guy and never think about it again. Or kick a couple of TUF guys out of the UFC forever for fighting in the house or not making weight. This is f*cking Fedor. White emotionally reacts to situations like a four year old. I wonder why the HBO deal didn’t work out if Dana was negotiating it. Come on Dana, who is going to believe Fedor is not top five? I think he meant to say “the UFC doesn’t have a top 5 heavyweight now that Randy is gone.”

  • Evan says:

    I agree drewdoodoo….burning these bridges will catch up one day.

  • Rashad #1 says:

    I know I am going to get flamed for thsi but whatever.. I agree with Dana in what he said regarding Fedor .. so what he has beaten cro cop and big nog?? Cro Cop has proven that he was overrated and Big Nog barely beat Herring.. Herring is another proven PRIDE Can that can’t handle the UFC… to say Fedor is the #1 fighter in the world because he has fought PRIDE fighters who have been exposed is ridiculous.. I will agree when I see him tested against a proven fighter and not someone who spent their time dropping can’s in PRIDE to build up a record

  • Whoa, there, Rashad #1. Are you saying you agree with White’s claim that Fedor sucks? Really? The guy who is 26-1, that Fedor?

    It’s one thing to say you don’t know if he’s the top fighter in the world because he hasn’t been tested enough yet, but to say he sucks is just ludicrous. If Fedor sucks, then who’s good?

  • Unfortunately, if someone in his (Dana’s) position says that a fighter sucks the casual crowd will believe him.

  • dizzle says:

    Rashad Fedor has been tested so many times…not only in MMA but in SAMBO. You def. haven’t seen all his career fights like I have. The guy is a monster…and he deserves respect. The guy has all the skills needed to be a champoin: he can stand up and bang with you, he can wrestle you to the ground, he can ground and pound, and the list goes on.

    If u notice he takes control of his fights…he makes his oppenents fight his fight.

  • Dana White stating that Fedor sucks is obviously the proof we’ve been looking for to accurately call him a child who loves to spout off at the mouth and certainly needs a mother to spank him from time to time. All he does is cry every time the question presents itself. Instead of whining about how the deal couldn’t go through because Vadim is a “fucking” liar and Fedor sucks anyways and he isn’t top 5, try acting professional and saying that both parties just couldn’t come to terms and you respect Fedor as a fighter.

    Oh, that’s right, Fedor said he never even met Dana so naturally Dana probably doesn’t care at all anyways.

  • Rashad #1 says:

    I should have made my statement a little more clear… I am not agreeing that Fedor sucks but I am just saying that all of his wins came in an organization taht in my opinion had lesser competition.. the point I was getting at is I believe someone like a Randy Couture would be able to expose Fedor as I dont feel the level of competition Fedor has faced is up to the level that Couture has. Again this is only my opinion and no I am not a casual MMA fan and I am not just agreeing with Dana White

  • drewdoodoo says:

    Rashad #1, I’m not sure that records and competition are going to help your case much. Let’s take Randy’s recent record, 3-2, with both losses to Chuck, who has just lost twice. I’m not picking on Randy or Chuck so settle down everyone. I mention this so we aren’t too quick to write off Mirko and Big Nog as competition (for Fedor) because of their recent performances. Randy did take the title from (insert clever swamp thing reference here) but look at the fight Sylvia had before that with Monson, Tim couldn’t really do anything with him. Gonzaga you ask? I don’t know that he was championship material. So, with all that, who has Randy fought recently (besides losing to Chuck) that is this great competition of which you speak?

  • dizzle says:

    Rashad you don’t know what your talking about. Fedor has fought against top competition. You think that the people he fought weren’t that good because you don’t know who his oppenents are. You have to research the oppenents that he’s fought and then you’ll understand that he’s fought numerous amounts of Olympic Medalists in Pride. If you say that he hasn’t fought top competition your crazy. I think you should buy fedors career box set and then do research on his oppenents.

  • Amir says:

    Who is this knucklehead talking ish about Pride fighters? do you know anything about MMA at all? It’s the UFC fighters who were overrated. Rich Franklin? are you kidding? last I checked, Anderson Silva was a Pride fighter who made Franklin look like an amateur who fights as a hobby. Let’s put Mirko or Nog in the cage with Sylvia and see what happens. You know all Randy would do is try pressing Fedor up against the cage for round after round and pray for a decision. Get your facts straight, did you even see Fedor/CroCop? that was a brutal war of attrition man with a guy who hits 10x harder than Randy.

  • dizzle says:

    We all know Cro-Cop is just going through a transition of finding out if he still wants to fight or not. Once he says “I want the title” then he’ll do better.

    Fedor is a great fighter just like alot of other fighters in UFC and all other orgs. out there. For Dana to say he sucks…he’s just immature.

    I really wish Dana would have boxed Ortiz.

  • Davey D says:

    That’s just Dana being Dana. I do believe however that Fedor’s “handler’s” were the one’s trying their best to get their money out of Fedor’s deal and fill their pockets being in the situation they were. If they’re not happy, they tell Fedor not to be happy. Why else would Dana push his signing bounus so freaking high to go along with the reported 1 to 2 million per fight just to show?

    It’s to bad if that’s the case. Fedor shouldn’t be taken advantage of. No one should. I wouldn’t put it past Finkelstein and whoever else that they were trying to please themselves first instead of Fedor.

    The whole Fedor/ Randy not fighting in the UFC thing just sucks!

  • Captain says:

    I just want to go on record and say that Fedor does NOT suck.

  • Slakdawg says:

    Drewdoodoo, you saying Gonzaga was never championship competition doesnt do much to further your argument. In fact, it strengthens Rashad’s. Gonzaga had just knocked out Cro Cop who you are using as proof of Fedor’s greatness. And Gonzaga manhandled him before turning his lights out. Personally, I think Fedor is a great fighter, but I’m not ready to discount his critics who claim his previous opponents have been exposed as less than stellar. Herring has looked like crap since coming over, Big Nog barely escaped with a win over Herring (he should have lost if Herring had any sense at all), Crop Cop is on a 2 fight losing streak. Fedor’s most recent win is over Middleweight Matt Lindland. Again, I’m not so arrogant as to say these criticisms are without merit when clearly there is something to them.

  • SpiderSilva says:

    Of course he doesn’t suck at fighting, but he does suck for not fighting ANY top heavyweight for 2 years & then signing with M-1 which currently has 1 fighter on their roster, him. Everyone knows the UFC will not cooperate w/M-1, they have nothing to gain & it would just give M-1 major exposure. I think their is a good chance Fedor would lose to Gonzaga, Couture, or even Tim Silvia.

  • Rashad #1 says:

    Actually #13 anderson silva was more of a cage rage veteran if I am not mistaken as most of his fights were there and he was a champion.. dont disgrace him by putting him in the same class as PRIDE

  • LR says:

    I want to go on record and say this:

    Fedor will beat Couture when they fight eventually. He won’t beat him in some lame decision, rather in a decisive and destructive victory that will finally shut Dana’s mouth.

    Imprint this in your minds, so when it happens, I will be hoisted onto shoulders like a greek god. Thank you. :)

  • Davey D says:

    If this fight were to happen. My money would also be on Fedor. The guy is beatable but I think it’s going to take someone who is a lot bigger, stonger and faster than him to do so. I really don’t know who that person is right now?

    If anyone could do it, Randy could. It would be sweet if he did. But he’s been KO’d and SUB’d too so logic tells me that Fedor wins in a ring or cage via submission. God I hope this fight happens.


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