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UFC conference call transcript now available

The UFC’s conference call to announce their new contract with Spike TV and to also address the recent addition of Brock Lesnar and the announcement of Chuck Liddell fighting Wanderlei Silva at UFC 79 on Dec. 29 is now complete.

You can access my recap on my blog by CLICKING HERE.

  • Shoutfan says:

    Damn…That was one long press conference

  • glock says:

    What the hell is up with the Randy interview?? No recap here– Proelite ‘s feed was pretty much useless and there’s no link anymore to the page, nor the thread that mentioned a replay of it.

    Somebody please tell me WTF he had to say.

  • Ben Fowlkes says:

    I just posted a Randy recap. Let’s calm down a little, glock. Maybe the immediate gratification culture of the internet has led us toward some unrealistic expectations, eh?

  • glock says:

    Calm down?? I come to this site because I EXPECT it to be one leg up on what’s happening and see it here before all the other MMA sites that I might CHOOSE to frequent instead. Why do i EXPECT that? Because my discourse with Sam in the past has led me believe that was his intention with this site. To be the best source of the best info FIRST. So when i wait for days to see a “live stream” on the most controversial topic in MMA and I can’t see it then I go to every other site and there’s virtually no mention of it (prior to your subsequent post) then I think I have the right to ask WTF happened without some idiot accusing me of expecting instant gratification.

  • Adam Morgan says:

    Ben’s got the most comprehensive notes of Randy’s presser on any site right now. That’s not cutting edge?

  • Ben Fowlkes says:

    Wow, man. You’re really getting worked up there. My point is…look around. As you say, no one else had a story on this before Five Ounces did. And that came probably within a half hour of the press conference ending.

    I’m not saying you are alone in expecting instant gratification. We all do, which, I think, is a side effect of internet culture. We get it all the time, so we expect it. That’s all.

    And don’t call me an idiot when you know nothing about me. Wait until you know me. Then call me an idiot. At least then you’ll know what you’re talking about.

  • Sam Caplan says:


    If we didn’t have anything up, I would say you’d have a valid concern. But anytime you cover a live event there’s going to be a turnover time. I find when covering a press conference it’s better to listen and take notes as opposed to trying to transcribe it in real-time. When you try to report on a press conference as it happens you miss out on a lot of what’s being said because it’s not easy to write complete sentences (unless you are a savant when it comes to typing) and listen at the same time.

    And I’m sorry that there were issues with’s stream but didn’t stream the event.

    To expect something immediately AFTER it has ended is unrealistic. And calling Ben an idiot is completely disrespectful. He did an awesome job covering Randy’s presser and if he hadn’t stepped up, I don’t know if we would have had anything. When I got word yesterday that the UFC was going to have a conference call I was in a tight spot because there was no way for me to cover two events at once. I put a request out to the staff to ask if anyone could cover the Randy press conference. All the guys on the staff have full-time jobs so it wasn’t possible for some writers to knock off work early and report on it. Ben said he’d do it and even though you aren’t appreciative that he stepped up, I sure am. When he had problems with the stream he could have bagged the whole deal but he stuck with it like a true professional. Did you even take that into consideration?

    Honestly Glock, if this is the attitude you’re going to display to my staff then I’d prefer you’d frequent other sites instead. The staff here is in a thankless position and I’d rather lose you as a reader than possibly keep you and have you cause one of our writers to feel like it’s not worth it to them and to walk away.

    If Matt C., Matt K., Ben, Sam Cupitt, Adam, and Gary hadn’t stepped up when I asked for additional writers then there’d be like two posts on this site a day. One bad apple doesn’t spoil a bunch and most of the readers here are pretty cool so I hope none of the writers allow your attitude to turn them off towards writing for 5 Oz.

  • glock says:

    You’re right. Apparently hypocrite would have been more accurate. You’ve told me to A. Calm Down B. Accused me of expecting instant gratification . And C. told me that I’m getting really “worked up”…… All “when you know nothing about me”. Shall we keep digging??

  • drewdoodoo says:

    I come to the site to read about MMA news. Guess I got redirected to 5 oz of Glock.

  • Mr. Takedown says:

    Sam’s giving you his time and explaining the point of view of his site b/c he’s a professional.

    If it was my site I’d say shut the F up and don’t come back if you don’t like this site. There’s dozens of MMA sites out there, new ones popping up everyday. Fact is the writers on this site CRUSH most of everyone else out there. So if you want to read regurgitated news and fanboy coverage of MMA close this browser window right now and never visit this site again.

    Double-plus growth each month for the last 3 months says we know exactly what we’re doing. I could give to shits if you don’t. We’ll have 4 more 5 Oz fans step into your place when you leave.

    Please don’t mistake me for a keyboard warrior making threats. Seriously, if you don’t like this site stop reading.

  • glock says:

    Sam , Your’re a little late to the party here. My original post was PRIOR to the post about Randy’s press conference, which I needn’t tell you, as evidenced by it being HERE under this article. If you have’nt already guessed, I think ben was outta line telling me to “calm down”. He coulda said “I JUST POSTED THE RANDY RECAP.”. Period. No need to pontificate on his theories of internet culture, and who might be a part of it. I said “Somebody PLEASE tell me WTF he had to say.” that’s a polite request- not an indictment. Thanks for taking the time to explain what’s involved. (You guys do a great job that’s why I come here). But it’s not necessary nor pertinent to this exchange. Nor is there any need to apologize for Proelites shortcomings. Ben did a fine job on the article. This isn’t about that. To say I EXPECTED something IMMEDIATELY is also inaccurate and presumptive as well . The conference supposedly started @ 4:30pm I think I posted sometime after 6pm (please tell me if it was sooner). if it ran an hour and a half I had no way of knowing that. Just as ben doesn’t appreciate people jumping to conclusions about his character or demeanor, neither do i about mine. Sam, if you are gonna jump in and and attempt to to deign yourself ultimate arbiter of my attitude or what constitutes a valid discussion of differing viewpoints when no foul language or cheap shots have been used and I have in no way diparaged the content or efforts of the staff then I have no desire to to return here anyway.

  • Tanner says:

    The thing is no other site has BOTH recaps right now, no one. If Sam points you over to ProElite for his blog there then go check it out. Its a testament to how damn good Sam and the rest of the guys are here that he’s running this blog, writing for, writing at, FightOpinon and a slew of other sites out there.

    Like Sam said to have a recap up 30 minutes after a 60 minute presser is insane. I thank you guys, really for having the news, i know that 5 Oz. is the first place I check and then i go over to proelite (even tho its ugly as all hell) because i’ll definately follow one of the better writers out there covering MMA.

  • Tanner says:

    glock you spelled disparaged wrong, hahaha

  • glock says:

    Yeah, I failed english in skool.

  • Sam Caplan says:


    Are you bipolar or something?

    There are some MAJOR flaws in your logic.

    1. How was I late to the party? Don’t try to make stuff up and twist words. My original post that created this thread didn’t go up until after six. Ben’s post went up soon after. The UFC presser started at 4 and Randy’s at 4:30. They ended around the same time. I don’t see how a single thing you had to say about the timing is relevant to your disrespectful behavior.

    2. LOL, when are the initials W-T-F ever used in a polite manner? And no cheap shots have been used? You called Ben an idiot after he requested you be patient.

    3. How can you seriously take a stance that you didn’t EXPECT something IMMEDIATELY when you posted less than an hour after Couture’s press conference ended!? You’re delusional.

    Hey, here’s a suggestion… next time, instead of greeting us with “What the hell is up…” or “WTF did he have to say,” why not be a human being and say something to the effect of, “Hey guys, I wasn’t able to see Couture’s press conference. I wanted to see if any of you guys had a chance to watch it and if you were planning to do a report later?”

    If you had used the latter response instead of your initial obnoxious post then I wouldn’t have to laugh at you when you make claims that you were being polite in your request and are being respectful to the staff of this site.

    You got called on your rude behavior and now you’re angry that someone has the audacity to stand up to you because of it.

    Why not be a man and just apologize?

  • Ben Fowlkes says:

    Let’s not argue. I’m starting to have flashbacks from my childhood. Not the good kind either. We’re all here because we have the same interests. In other words, our similarities far outweigh our differences.

  • glock says:

    Wow, man you tell me not to call people names, now you turn around and do it? Very grown up. I see you’re the arbiter of logic too, as well?? OK, I w i l l g o s lo w l y f o r y o u , s a m. 1. I have no idea what your talking about here. If your thread (do you mean this one?) went up after 6 then my ORIGINAL post was after 6- as I thought, and apparently just before Ben posted the object of my desire. 2. I said please. Calling ben an idiot was not a “cheap shot”. It was a full frontal assault on a stranger that made assumptions on my character, demeanor, and expectations. Maybe on a site that covers MMA i should refrain from using such harsh language as we are all so delicate. 3. Maybe you’re one a them there speed readers or somethin, and missed that I wrote “if it ran an hour and a half I had no way of knowing that” in my post. T h a t m e a n s I d i d n o t k n o w w h e n i t e n d e d . Delusional… another nice touch from a “professional” . Hey Guys, I got a suggestion too. Maybe everybody tells sammy what they want to say first, and then he can post for us. Just like Pleasantville. Yeah, that’s it…… Laughing at me hurts my feelings, sam. My claim of being polite was a little sarcastic, I thought you got that; sorry, I’ll help pull the hook out. I’m not angry at all, I love a good fight as much as the next MMA guy, actually I think it’s kinda funny how this has escalated so quickly. Apologize; I don’t see it that way. Ben spoke his mind, I spoke mine. End of story. Men agree to disgree.

  • glock says:

    Ben, I’m cool if you’re cool. As I said B4, or maybe I didn’t , the “Randy Recap” was good, and just what I was looking for, Thanks. We probably do have more in common than not.

  • Adam Morgan says:


  • Thorazine says:

    I’m with you Adam Morgan:


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