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Brock Lesnar video interview

The guys at MMA News caught up woth Brock Lesnar backstage right after UFC 77 and the big announcement that Lesnar signed with the UFC.

He doesn’t give away too much info here, however he says he knows who and when he’s fighting but cannot say. Also he says he like straining for MMA way better than training for WWE.

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  • hbdale309 says:

    I remember Brock went on a rant a few mos ago about how he’d run through the ufc and stomp everybody. He’d disrespected various popular HWs in the process, but now he seems to have changed his tune. I guess he was reverting back to his WWF days and trying to draw attention for a contract or something. Anyway, he seems like a cool guy now so I can’t wait to see him GnP somebody. Go Cock Chestner!

  • Mr. Takedown says:

    “Go Cock Chestner!” great reference. Why would anyone get a penis shaped sword tattoo?!?!

  • Zack says:

    Someone please help me understand the pro-Lesnar camp. I realize my view of this whole thing is shaded by the fact that I don’t think MMA should have anything to do with pro wrestling (and to take it one step further I despise pro-wrestling). I’m a rational guy – walk me through it.

    I can understand being interested in what he MIGHT be able to do in the cage, but the very vocal pro-Lesnar camp has taken it a step further to talk about what he WILL do in the cage.

    He’s been training two years…why would we think he will look any better than Coleman and Randleman did once MMA passed them by?

  • Evan says:


    I have no idea what to expect but below is why I believe people are so excited besides the WWF thing (which I have never seen)

    Amateur wrestling
    North Dakota State University’s annual Bison tournament
    1997-1998 winner
    1998 Junior College National Champion
    Big Ten Title (1999-2000)
    1999 NCAA Division I runner-up
    Ranked the #1 Heavyweight in the Big Ten (2000)
    2000 NCAA Division I Champion

  • Asa says:

    In addition to what Evan mentioned:
    Explosive agility for a 285 LB’r, on par with GSP. If you think that’s crazy hyperbole, you’ll be pleasantly surprised soon.

    Nobody has any definitives on the guy. Optimists who’ve seen his athletic performance and ability to learn fairly rapidly (although nothing like Kurt Angle) think he’s got a shot, and pessimists who hate the WWE-brand of Pro-wrestling think he’s horrible for PR and doesn’t have the tools to make it. Or they can’t wash the stink of Hammer House out their noses.

    I think they’re both right.

    The main detriment I can see for him is that he seems more like a competitor than a “Martial Artist” in that he’s not necessarily concerned or engrossed by either the technical aspects of it or the mental (like Randy). He seems to just wanna fight. This could hurt him in that he might not take his toolbox beyond the basic. But that’s a might.

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  • Bobby says:

    No question he’s a tough guy but Mir is going to destroy him. It’s time for UFC to expose what a bunch of goofballs WWF guys are by beating the crap out of one. Especially one that has a penis tattoo on his chest pointing right up to his stupid gay face.


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