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New article: Top Ten Overachievers in MMA

Remember several months back when I “penned” an article for with my personal top ten list of the biggest underachievers in MMA?

I took a ton of heat for that article and there’s nothing like having people e-mail you accusing you of putting together a list together in 10 minutes when you in fact spent three days working on it. Whatever. I love the attention.

In addition to loving attention I also must love punishment because I’ve decided to publish my top ten biggest overachievers as a long-delayed companion piece to the underachievers article.

You can check out the article on by clicking here.

  • bubbafat says:

    as arbitrary as they may seem, to the new fans, these rankings make alot more sense than any of the other actual rankings I’ve seen elsewhere. props man.

  • Evan says:

    WTF? Did you spend 9 minutes on this or something?

    Kidding. Solid list, Sam.

    One question…. did you consider the background of Little Evil? I would put the background of Jens Pulver over Eddie Alvarez.

  • Nice Sam. You forgot to mention that Sakuraba was a 185er fighting 205ers for most of his career, which above all else is what makes him a overachiever. Not sure about his iron chin considering he is suseptible to the KO.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Chi, you’re right. I definitely should have wrote how Sakuraba has primarily fought against larger opponents.

    Not sure about Saku’s chin? The dude has absorbed some brutal beatings.

  • “Iron chin” usually means that he doesn’t get KOed easy (since most KO’s happen by targetting the chin). A more appropriate description for being able to take a beating would be “his samurai spirit” or he’s got “heart.” Don’t mean to be picky. Just having fun with words from one writer to another. 😉


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