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Anderson Silva’s Next Challengers

When Anderson Silva tore through Rich Franklin for the second time in about a year, the MMA experts were quick to elevate Silva to the very top of the MMA world. But is Silva unbeatable? He may very well be the top middleweight fighter in the world, but if there is one thing we’ve learned over the past year, it’s that no man is unbeatable.

I recently took a look at six potential superfights for Silva that could be possible within the next one to two years. All come with a certain amount of intrigue from a fan’s perspective. The current middleweight ranks are slim within the UFC, but with a little creativity, the great match-ups are endless. With apologies to Denis Kang, these are the six fights I’d most like to see Silva take – from Dan Henderson to Matt Lindland to Georges St Pierre and a few others…

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  • MMA SKOOL ™ says:

    Nice article Gary. I never thought of the Lindland scenario… That could be good.

    And like everyone else, I like Henderson’s chances against Silva. That would be a huge fight.

    St. Pierre would be awsome, too. He’s got that lightning fast shoot, and could probably get inside Silva and take him down.

    With the reach Silva has, he’d probably do the same thing to Lawler that Diaz did.

    I’d say St. Pierre has better sprawl and takedown D than Silva by comparision, so Hughes could probably get him down. Silva is so long and lean, Hughes would do good on the ground with his kimuras, key locks, etc.

    I kind of wanted to see Okami vs. Silva. That might have been a good challenge for the Spider. Okami is obviously strong with good takedowns but he’s really flexible and can pass guard and control.

  • A guyin the UFC could be Dean Lister or a guy out of it could be Diaz

  • Mark says:

    I’d say matt Lindland would be the only real threat, not matt hughes or st pierre. Forget about it!


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