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UFC 77: My post-show thoughts

As promised, here are my post-show thoughts of UFC 77.

Overall Grade: B

Match of the Night: Silva vs. Franklin (I didn’t see Matt Grice vs. Jason Black but they got the $40,000 bonus for match of the night from the UFC)

Knockout of the Night: Anderson Silva

Submission of the night: Demian Maia

Match-by-match thoughts…

Anderson Silva TKOs (strikes) Rich Franklin at 1:07 of round 2

Franklin looked so much better this time against Silva then he did last time. He defended the clinch well (well, better than he did in the first match) and even took the fight to the ground at one point. You can tell Rich took the match serious and worked his ass off. He also showed a tremendous chin because he took some sick shots in the first round and was able to recover.

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  • jaydog says:

    Vera really looked timid to me. Every time the swamp thing reached out to smack him Vera would hide his head and cower like a sissy. Sure, you gotta cover up against strikes, but Vera’s posture was more victim than aggressor. Against the fence, sure the giant is boring as he does his impression of an immovable object, but Vera seemed to hold him there as well. Color me disappointed.

  • hbdale309 says:

    Vera was pretty horrible last night, but a big part of that was Tim pressing him against the cage and neutralizing his attack. I still think Vera did enough to win the first 2 rounds. I’m glad Tim won the fight, because he did the most overall damage and destroyed Vera in the 3rd. I’m a fan of Pride scoring. Color me bad.

  • ossBASHA says:

    Rich Franklin got knocked out 3 times in 2 fights LOL.


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