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UFC 77 Video: Dana White on ESPN commenting about Randy Couture’s resignation

I’ve been critical of Dana White recently in how he’s handled himself from a PR standpoint in regard to Randy Couture’s resignation from the UFC. However, in this video with ESPN host Josh Elliott, White is at his best. He really stepped up to the plate with this interview and played it beautifully.

Dana should keep a copy of this video handy and play it before every interview with the mainstream media:

  • LR says:

    I completely agree with you, Sam.

  • Rich says:

    Dana White is a butthead. Give Randy what he wants and sign Fedor. Thats the least that Dana and the UFC can do. Randy has made them alot of money over the last couple of years. Get FEDOR!!

  • garth says:

    rich is right. sign fedor (whatever this M-1 crap is) and see how fast Randy comes back. Couture-Emelianenko is a fight that transcends organizations, and people would pay to see it whether it was for a belt or not.
    it would be sort of the super-wand-chuck

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  • steve24 says:

    #2 and #3. I don’t understand you people. I guess you really don’t understand what a contract is!!!

    Everybody keeps saying ” just sign Fedor and make the fight happen!” What the fuck do you think he’s been trying to do!!

  • jaydog says:

    Still the antagonist in this story without a doubt:

    Played up Couture’s defeats.
    Diminished Couture’s instrumental role in the rise of UFC’s respectability.
    Pretended Randy didn’t rescue the UFC’s heavyweight division.
    Glossed over Randy’s commentator contributions.
    Constantly put the term “retirement” in Randy’s mouth.
    Kept inferring that he owns Couture’s fighting future.
    “Hollywood agent” BS undermines Randy’s autonomy, comes off like a slimy politician.
    Denying the public the opportunity to see Fedor/Couture except on his terms.
    Blurs the line between “friend” and contracted employee as he sees fit.

    If Dana has never said no to Randy, how about if Randy asks to be let out of his contract? Should have been asked how he managed to alienate the most respected fighter in UFC history (and nicest guy). Otherwise, nice spin job by Lex Luther, but Superman ain’t putting that kryptonite back around his neck.

  • steve24 says:

    “If Dana has never said no to Randy, how about if Randy asks to be let out of his contract?”

    Because Dana is not a dumbass and realizes that Randy will go fight him in M-1 and make twice as much money.

  • Carson says:

    It looked like Dana was going to eat the mic every time he spoke. Other than that, he sounded fine.

  • Jeremy says:

    Definitely the best Dana has ever come off in an interview.

  • Yenny says:

    It doesn’t matter how good he looks if he’s a dick.

  • Rich says:

    #5….I am sure you have heard the saying “Money Talks and Bull Shit walks”…..I don’t know if Dana wants to spend the money because of the pride thing and all. But in return can you imagine the publicity that he can run to attract new ufc fans and in return make MORE MONEY. I agree he says he is trying but there has to be something holding up Fedor from signing that people don’t hear about.

  • Keith Pasculli says:

    Randy needs to honor his contract, period, end of sentence. Randy is one of favorite fighters but a contract is a person’s legal word and it should be broken. All of the other side issues don’t matter. The UFC should not kiss Fedors’ ass to get him to sign and they should not change the rules to get him to sign.

  • Schlegel says:

    I am really dumbfounded that everyone is talking about this interview making Dana look good. Like jaydog shows in his above comment, Dana is still being antagonistic towards his fighters and acting like nothing can touch him. Here is a lil tidbit, the HW division was not fine before Randy and will not be fine without him! I don’t want to see a 6 foot 8 goofball fighting for the title again, and if Vera loses the HW division is two strong, and no that wasn’t supposed to be too. I am just so tired of feeling like Dana is strong-arming everyone, fighters, fans, websites…everyone. I never thought that I would say this, but I wish Tito would have showed up for that boxing match and whooped his bald ass.

  • Accomando says:

    “…I don’t want to see a 6 foot 8 goofball …”

    He’s technically a swamp thing, but I see what you’re saying.

  • matt says:

    ……Everybody keeps saying ” just sign Fedor and make the fight happen!” What the fuck do you think he’s been trying to do!!

    Actually Fedors lawyer said what Dana
    a). said over the phone to them
    b). what was in the contract

    ***were 2 completely different things.

    Fedor felt that Dana didnt respect him – even BEFORE signing with them.
    So he opted to sign with M-1 – for ALOT MORE MONEY than Dana could
    have offered him. To an organization thats supposed to be GOOD to their

  • dudewithface says:

    Thats ridiculous Dana white is a piece of shit, fucking the dela hoya fight they got 20 mil each PLUS paper view thats fucking insane and now ufc claiming to be one of the most watched events next to foot ball? and theyre highest paying contract liddell gets 500k a fight compared to 20 mill? treating your fihters well? dont fucking bull shit me man u jackass, theyres fucking 1000 guys in foot ball and they still get paid better then ufc fighters, i bet dana white only means randy’s contract is good compared to others IN UFC, i really wish that they would ask him compared to boxing and nfl, i bet if they sign fedor they would be pulling in a lot more money, if randy leaves their HW i really dont care about that division as much any more with cro cop not doing so good, tim sylvia is a fucking moron plus he siad he could beat fedor

  • dudewithface says:

    oh and i dont know whos lying im pretty sure in one of randy couture interview he said DANA called HIM up to say if he wants a shot at the title shot and randy said hell yah soo i dont know why dana is pretending he was nice enough to give him the shot when he offered it himself probably because the HW division at the time sucked ass (no offece i was pro pride at the tim)

  • jsn9333 says:

    You can’t “resign” from a contract. Dana is right, whether you like him personally or not. No one can force Randy to fight, but UFC can certainly sue his as and win damages for all the revenue they will lose by not having Randy fight two more times. So I guess we’ll see how bad Randy really wants to break his word (his contract). People talk about what a great Christian, nice guy Randy Couture is. How many of these people know him well if at all personally? The man gave his word (contract) and then broke it. Did the UFC break their word? No. They never promised they would get Fedor. That would be ridiculous… in that case Fedor could ask for 5 billion dollars and they’d have to give it to him b/c they promised Randy they would sign him no matter what. They fact is, Fedor is asking for too much and that just shows he doesn’t really want to fight in the UFC right now. Maybe in a year or two. But the UFC can’t force Fedor to do anything he doesn’t want to do, and Randy Couture is being a lying prick right now. Period.

  • Jeremy says:

    Dana comes off good here and then today in the Dayton Daily News he says he wants to “headbutt” Dan Henderson. Ok Dana.

  • yenny says:

    All this talk of money… anybody want to bet he makes more in this movie than his last fight (including these invisible bonuses)?

  • Nick says:

    Dana is full of shit. He doesn’t pay fighters enough money(14,000 to Jardine last fight with Chuck!) He also mentioned in another interview that many fighters are multimillionaires. Who? Chuck? Maybe he has 3-4 millions, but that’s about it. Randy isn’t a multimillionaire… Neither are GSP, Silva, or Rampage!!! They fight 2-3 times a year and earn maybe~$600,000 in total(and remember that they have to pay coaches, training partners, doctors, etc…) And we’re talking about the best fighters in the world!!!!!!!!!The only multimillionaires are White and his business partners!!! Fucking snobs!!! I think there needs to be a new organization which will actually take care of its fighters and not of themselves.

  • dudewithface says:

    yah man totaly agree hopefully m-1 is better on their fighters imagine for their HW fedor, randy, josh barnett, minotoro that be sick

  • Patricia says:

    Oh, well, boooh hooo.

    It’s all very easy. It spells c o n t r a c t.

    No matter who you like or dislike, a contract still is a contract. I ‘ve always respected both of them, or rather how they appear to be, but now, well it feels a bit like kindergarten. I guess that’s what money and greed do to people…

    Nick: Booo hoo. They do know what they get in to right? So why whine about it, if they’re not satisfied let them negotiate or not sign, they could always go back to their former profession – right?

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Ok, so Fedor doesn’t get signed and Randy resigns because they didn’t sign him and he’s not getting respected because all the new Pride talent is getting more money.

    But if Fedor does sign, the UFC HAS to pay him more money and make more allowances and Randy probably gets even more upset and feels more disrespected.

    So from Randys perspective, the UFC was damned if they did and damned if they didn’t signed Fedor.

    Thats not to put Randy down or to say the UFC doesn’t need him, they do, I’m just saying even if they signed Fedor, they’d have a whole new problem regarding fighter salaries and exlusivity clauses. HOWEVER if Dana White didn’t constanly call Fedor’s management team mental they might have been more likely to compromise.

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