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Middleweight contender matchup benched?

Not having Jason MacDonald and Yushin Okami on the main card of UFC 77 is madness.

Sure, it probably won’t be the most exciting match of all time, and will probably end up as a slow ground n’ pound victory for Okami but this fight is most likely for the next middleweight title shot. You would think that a matchup of this importance would be shown on the main card. This seems pretty disrespectful to not only the fighters, but to the middleweight division as a whole.

Does the UFC really want another Nate Marquardt incident? I know Marquardt is a very accomplished mixed martial artist but he was given a title shot after a fight with Dean Lister on the undercard of an Ultimate Fight Night. If he had beaten Silva, the mainstream audience would of been like, “Who?”

Okami and MacDonald aren’t exactly the most marketable fighters at the best of times, and so if the UFC don’t put them on the main draw of a card that isn’t exactly filled with important match ups, it is downright crazy.

I mean come on… does anyone really want to see Kalib Starnes and Alan Belcher?

  • Jeremy says:

    I think everyone probably saw that coming once that fight was made official. And exactly for the reason you mentioned Sam. I think UFC fans have a good knowledge of MacDonald as they have seen him beat Ed Herman, Chris Leben and lose to Franklin, Okami has fought Swick and Franklin on PPV as well so I think fans know them better then Marquardt. But neither are exciting fighters to the average joe watcher, which is who the UFC is going to cater to so that they can get the bigger PPV buys in the future.

  • paddiosf says:

    It’s the UFC promotion of it’s TUF fighters (Starnes)…I like the Kid actually both guys are young exciting fighters but I see a “bias” towards the fighters from the TUF show…That Mcdonald/Okami matchup if that fight is going to setup a title bout of the MW winner should be shown, but I think the UFC wants Henderson to drop down to MW for a unification bout against the winner?

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    If they don’t show the MacDonald Okami fight, then the last memory the public will have of them, are losses to Franklin.
    I think the UFC is preying Dan Henderson drops down, but it doesn’t look like he wants to, because he still believes he beat Rampage.

  • bubbafat says:

    did anybody else notice Tim Sylvia’s Xtreme Couture Tshirt at the weigh ins?
    was he just showing respect or some solidarity, as well?

  • Dayzah says:

    Xtreme Couture is prolly a sponsor of his , Pat Miletich ( Tim’s Coach ) had one on too .. Rampage has 2 different shirts and St.Pierre has 2 shirst and was also sporting a XC GI against KOS. Those are the fighters that dont train at XC that I listed and also arent Affliction.

  • gipper says:

    these fighter deserve to be on the main card. okami 4-1 ufc, macdonald 3-1 ufc. both of their losses to franklin. winner could even get a title shot. this makes sense. hopefully they show it.

  • bubbafat says:

    yeah, maybe I’m reading into it too much. but, I think Pat Miletich has his own sponsors, Tim Sylvia has his own(he usually wears his Maine-iac shirt), so …

  • jamey says:

    i just think its total BS as well okami isint on the main card i understand why the gurgel fight is there bc he is frankling jits trainer and the whole ohio thing. But come on no dis to starnes v belcher im really upset that the okami v mcdonald fight will not be aired but hopefully something will happen and it will. i mean okami is my many a ranked fighter and to not have a ranked fighter on the main card is crap. Im also upset and have been for a while that we cannot see the undercards i mean i pay 50 bucks for the HD fight and i understand you want to present the best first tor the casual fan, ect. but after cant they at least show us the other fights. That way casual mma fans will get to know the fighters better and plus the more fights the better

  • the UFC went from talking about Okami vs. MacDonald as a potential #1 contender’s fight to now apparently considering the possibility of not even attempting to re-sign Okami (according to the Fox Sports article by Alex Marvez that was just posted). I’m sure the NBA would like to do the same with the San Antonio Spurs. I guess that’s the difference between pro-wrestling-style promotion and real-sports-style promotion.

  • Tanner says:

    I just read the same article Ivan. I thought that was interesting too. He could supposedly be in line for a rematch with Silva and the UFC might not sign him, not the smartest thing to do in the weakest division.


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