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Report: Tito Ortiz to appear on “Celebrity Apprentice”

tito_jennaAccording to the website, former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz is a part of the cast for Donald Trump’s upcoming season of “Celebrity Apprentice” on NBC.

Could Ortiz’s potential appearance on the show be the reason why he was unwilling to sign a bout agreement to rematch Rashad Evans at UFC 78?

If the report is true, the appearance could help Ortiz become an even bigger star. This type of exposure could be tremendous for him because he obviously knows how to work the camera. If he still hasn’t re-signed with the UFC then he made a smart move because his market value could increase after the upcoming season airs.

TMZ is also reporting that former WWE champion John Cena will be a part of the cast as well.

  • Gabber says:

    Man, I wish Tito would just get back to kicking @ss, all this extra media stuff he is doing is great for his life after the cage, but man, what if he does all this stuff and then turns around and gets whooped next time in the octagon? 😛 What a goof he’s going to look like.

    Brutal Tito, brutal.

  • Tons says:

    Tito is a smart guy, he knows his skills have diminished and is preparing for life after the octagon. I am a huge Tito fan but i think he only has maybe 2 main event status fights left in him.

  • Brutal. Jenna is starting to look like the Goddess Bunny.

  • dizzle says:

    I seen Jenna at the Miami SouthBeach Porn Convention…and she looked like she just got done snorting a kilo of Cocain…she is disgusting and out of her prime…just like Tito is.

  • russel crowecop says:

    yeah, she looks like shes uh anorexic model on the crack bottle

    could we have a tito-cena stare down?

  • Looks like Tito is trying his hand at mainstream media and preparing for the next stage of his career after UFC. If he does well maybe a movie script or two could come his way. Ala Tito on the big screen in an action movie role.


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