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Dana White on Randy Couture: “I consider the guy a friend”

White_CoutureEither cooler heads are prevailing or the UFC spin machine is back in full force surrounding the Randy Couture retirement/resignation situation.

Regardless, it seems that Dana White is sounding a bit more humane in his recent comments at the UFC 77 pre-fight press conference. Instead of pushing his agenda, White actually seems somewhat genuine, calling Couture his friend and revealing a touching moment between he and BJ Penn:

“The biggest loss for me is that I consider the guy a friend. We all have different paths to walk down..I don’t know what he’s doing. The things that hurts the most is he called us liars. I can tell you Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta have never lied to anyone. The whole thing is mind-boggling.”

“This is not Randy Couture. He’s upset. If this was Tito. I would sit up here and tell you 50 million bad things about the guy. Sometimes friends fight. We’ll see what happens.”

“There isn’t anyone taking better care of fighters than us,” said White, who confirmed that he was in Hawaii with B.J. Penn when he got news of the Couture resignation. “B.J. left and realized it wasn’t a great situation over (in Japan). I was with B.J. the day (Couture resigned) and he said I wish I call to talk to Randy”

White also comments on the prospect of other fighters leaving in the same manner as Couture:

“If these guys were unhappy, they’d just walk out. You’ve got a lot of people, Mark Cuban and Showtime, throwing money around. IFL has thrown so much around they’ve almost put themselves out of business. I’ve got guys on 3,4,5,6 fight deals. Why are they re-signing?”

True to form, White still dropped a few F-bombs but at least he came off less abrasive this time around. Could this be a sneak peak at a kinder, gentler Dana White? Only time will tell…

Read the full article and more quotes from DW on Mr. Sunshine’s blog.

  • Everyone loses sight of the fact that DW is running an entertainment company – he has to be a marketable personality as much as the fighters do. He puts on a show but it seems like he genuinely cares about the fighters, the sport, and the company, but maybe not in that order, haha.

  • dizzle says:

    it’s he says she says BS like Limp Bizkit put it. I don’t know what to think anymore…I dont know what the real truth is and I’m sure we’ll find out sooner or later.

  • Gabber says:

    Man, what’s with the juxtapositon of photos for the post? Dana looks like he’s trying to pick up some cougars at the bar and looks like what I would envision from him the exact moment he read what they supposedly offered Fedor. 😀

    Hilarious, Mr. Takedown’s humor knows no bounds.

  • Mr. Takedown says:

    Thank you kindly. I do take pride in the images I use for the site. I hate the same old stock fighter photography found pretty much on every other MMA site. Google Image Search rules.

    And yes, that smirk on Dana’s face is priceless. Kinda reminds me of Bill Clinton.

  • Evan says:

    That Dana pic was at the PRIDE takeover in Japan right?

  • Yenny says:

    Maybe a kinder gentler Dana White may fool us all into thinking that he’s not a dickhead when he really is. So what if he acts nice and cool?

  • […] 1) Blamed the whole situation on Randy’s ‘Hollywood agent”. This is a brilliant case of deflection because, as we said, Randy is practically a saint in MMA. Shit-talking Randy Couture is akin to shit-talking Jesus himself. But everyone hates agents … ‘Hollywood’ agents doubly as much. By blaming this whole situation on a sleazy agent, Dana White is free to say whatever he wants without seeming like a gargantuan cock, and still pretend he’s BFF with Couture. […]


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