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UFC 77 Preview: 5 Oz. Staff Predictions

In order to help get you ready for UFC 77 this Saturday the staff at 5 Oz. is making their predictions for the card public in our latest “Pain Poll.”

Anderson Silva vs. Rich Franklin

Sam Caplan: Unless Franklin can put Silva on his back and expose his poor wrestling skills, I don’t see a way he can win. Silva via second round TKO.

Gary Herman: Did anyone see any reason in the first fight to think this one has a chance to go differently? If so, you were probably watching the wrong fight. Silva by first round KO.

Matt Kaplan: Based on their previous meeting, as well as what each fighter’s done since, I see Silva finishing this fight before it even hits the championship rounds — Round 3 stoppage.

Ben Fowlkes: My question is how, exactly, can Rich Franklin threaten the champ? Not with superior striking or submissions, so…takedowns? Not bloody likely. Silva by first round TKO.

Adam Morgan: No one has the nuts to pick Franklin, so I will. If Franklin can use his wrestling to take Silva down and stay in top control, I think Rich has a chance. If you think you’re going to see the same fight as last time, you’re sorely mistaken. It will be close. If Rich works to his strengths and takes it deep into the championship rounds, we’ll have a new champion. Rich Franklin by fourth round TKO. Plus, I’m from Cincinnati, so I can’t pick against the hometown hero.

Consensus: Anderson Silva (4 votes to 1).

Tim Sylvia vs. Brandon Vera

Sam Caplan: This will no doubt be Vera’s toughest test to date but it’s one I think he’ll pass with flying colors. Vera via second round TKO.

Gary Herman: Vera is highly skilled, but Sylvia is a determined big man with no quit. In the end, Vera will be too fast for the giant. Vera by unanimous decision.

Matt Kaplan: I think Vera will undercut the former champion’s size advantage with his superior athleticism and skill. I’m also not totally convinced that we’ll see the aggressive, knockout-hungry Tim Sylvia of yesteryear for five rounds, so I’m going with “The Truth” via unanimous decision.

Ben Fowlkes: While I’ve always been weirdly in awe of Sylvia’s awkwardly powerful striking, I don’t think he’s going to catch Vera. I hate to go along with the crowd, but I’ll take Vera by unanimous decision.

Adam Morgan: This fight is a lot closer than most people think. It’s dead even in my eyes right now. Ultimately I think Vera’s athleticism and all around skill will be the difference in this fight. Watch out for Brandon’s solid leg kicks, they have the ability to freeze Tim Sylvia. Brandon Vera by unanimous decision.

Consensus: Brandon Vera (5 votes to 0 votes)

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  • Accomando says:

    Should we even bother to watch the fights?

    According to you guys….no.

    Can’t say I don’t agree with consensus though, but only time will tell I supose.

  • Ben Fowlkes says:

    Should you bother to watch the fights? I guess only if you like watching fights, and I do. Plus, when has there ever been a sure thing in MMA? If we were all 100% sure of our picks we’d be putting money down, and while I can’t speak for anyone else…I’m just not that sure.

  • gipper says:

    wow fella’s… here’s my picks… had to go with my fellow canucks…you guys are counting out 2 former champs…thought i’d pick them…what the hell?

    franklin 3rd round tko- hopefully has a good game plan, and learned a few thing from the last fight
    sylvia 2nd round ko- vera will have some ring rust and will get caught by the big guy
    starnes split decision- i think starnes will surprise everyone could be fight of the night
    macdonald by some sort of choke- okami will take macdonald down and get caught
    bonnar by 1st round tko- he’s on a mission and has fought and beat tougher guys.
    burkman by 2nd round rear nacked choke- burman is too skilled, petz has the power to hurt burkman though
    black by 1st round arm bar- last fight was late notice, we will see the real black this time
    jenson by 2nd round tko- classic team quest fighter, he will bully his opponent and won’t make the same mistake as last time
    gurgel by unanimous decision- too skilled, too tough

  • Accomando says:

    #2, it was an attempt at humor.

    I am still buying the fights, as usual.

  • Justin Swalley says:

    Adam, you get zero credit for picking Franklin due to your “hometown hero” comment. Franklin will win, decisively.


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