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Report: Almeida signs six-fight deal with UFC

According to, Ricardo Almeida will be returning to the UFC after nearly a five-year absence.

According to the report, Almeida has signed a six-fight contract with the UFC and his first fight could be in early-2008:

On first hand for, Ricardo Almeida revealed that he has just signed a six fights contract with UFC. Cachorrao is considered one of the most talented fighters today. The comeback of Renzo Gracie’s black belt to MMA was scheduled to happen early this month at Cage Fury Fighting Championship, but the event never came through. Therefore, Cachorrao negotiated a deal with Dana White.

Before signing, Almeida looked into five different offers. His first bout should be scheduled for the beginning of 2008. “The final goal of my return was to get to the UFC, so I thought why not go straight there at once,” said Cachorrao to

Almeida had been scheduled to make his comeback during last week’s Cage Fury Fighting Championships card in Atlanta City but his return was put on hold after the event was canceled two weeks ago.

Almeida received his black belt in Jiu-Jitsu from Renzo Gracie and was a top MMA fighter before walking away from the sport at the top of his game in 2004. In addition to having competed for the UFC, Almeida has fought for both Pancrase and PRIDE.

He left the sport with an impressive 8-2 record that was built up with notable wins over such fighters as Ikuhisa Minowa, Kazuo Misaki, Nathan Marquardt, and Ryo Chonan.

If the report at is true then this has to be considered the best piece of news that the UFC has offered fans in recent weeks. Almeida’s comeback is not only an intriguing story but he could be a tremendous asset to the promotion’s middleweight division.

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  • paddiosf says:

    I remember watching this guy years back in Pride and I was wondering why he wasn’t fighting anymore in the Big shows..Good signing but it’s been awhile sense he last fought in the UFC…Also it’s a good signing that a Gracie backed fighter is in the UFC….

  • Adam Morgan says:

    Anderson Silva v. Ricardo Almeida would be sick.

  • Sam_Cupitt says:

    “returning after a five year absence”… it may be a decent middleweight signing but he’s hardly fighting for the title anytime soon, and I dont know if he will be all that effective anyway. Then again… i guess its still a semi-big name to add to a division lacking in – apart from 2/3 – names of any substantial size.

  • This is a very good signing in the Middleweight division. Hopefully they begin to add some talented guys to make the division more exciting. Seeing Silva and Franklin over and over again is not going to make fans happy, especially if Silva completely wrecks Franklin again.


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