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Site News: New prospects section launched

If you look at the top navigation on the site you will notice a new tab that says “MMA Prospects.” If you click that tab, it will take you to a brand new section on that will track the progress of some of the top prospects in MMA on an ongoing basis.

The intent behind the section is to publicize talented fighters that might be flying under the mainstream radar. It’s our attempt at a grassroots effort to help novice fans become familiar with fighters who could emerge as the future stars of the sport.

The list will be a constant work in progress but the best part of all is that you can become an active contributor to the list. Don’t see a fighter on the list that you feel belongs? Instead of sending a snide comment filled with disproportionate rage, simply e-mail me (SCaplan 8 at with who you think belongs on the list and why. Please include as much background info as possible and when applicable, please include links to YouTube footage or online interviews.

Click here to check out the new section.

  • I like that Garcia is getting some props before even fighting his first MMA fight and Torres is one bad dude that should be in the UFC for sure.

  • jt says:

    How about Carlo Prater?

  • Jeremy says:

    An interesting section to add to the site. One question for you guys and a comment as well. The question being, how often to you plan to add guys to this list? Will there be a limit to how many fighters you are willing to add? Because I think we all know people love following “the next big thing” in every sport, so other names will pop up quickly.

    Also, to help follow these guys, I was wondering about adding a stats section for each guy. Kind of like a fight follower for each one, who/where he fought and the outcome.

    Thanks for the new section and I look forward to following it.

  • dizzle says:

    Doug Evans?

  • Brent says:

    – Obligatory snide comment filled with disproportionate rage –

  • Mike C. says:

    You should take a look at John Champa. 3-0 with great ground skills and boxing. He is the Reality Fighting HW champ and should be defending his belt early next year.

  • Brian Stann is one bad dude as well. I think he would be a good fighter to throw to the wolves in the UFC. He would probally do good though if he ever got the chance. His fights are always so one sided.

  • Evan says:

    Here is John Champa on fight finder

    Mike C…why the long layoff? Is he hurt?

  • Commuter says:

    Agreed about Pater. A case could be made for both Jim and Dan Miller as well.

  • Mike C. says:

    It started of with an ulcer which cost him a lot of time and then an elbow injury. He is defending the title in January. I will find out who he is fighting and when and will post later.

  • bubbafat says:

    Kultar Gill – 155 – lots of injuries- great Muay Thai- good wrestling-destroyed Hideo Tokoro twice- went the distance with Yves Edwards on 3 or 4 days notice. If this guy can get his injuries in order I think he’d kick some


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