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MFC M-1 Mix-Fight Championship… what the hell is that?


Yet another MMA fight organization made its way to the headlines recently thanks to Fedor Emelianenko reportedly signing a contract with MFC M-1 Mix-Fight Championship.

But what exactly is MFC M-1?? Do they fight in a ring or a cage?? Besides Fedor, who else fights in that promotion??

Glad you asked. I can tell you that M-1 used to be owned by Fedor’s manager and also most of the Red Devil Fight Team fights for this promotion. They do fight in a ring, ala BodogFIGHT or PRIDE.

You can even watch a recent event in its entirety on the M-1 website.

Here’s a photo of Fedor and Oleg Taktarov (I think that’s Oleg) doing some announcing…


I don’t speak Russian and I am too lazy to use Babelfish so if my info is incorrect, feel free to comment and I’ll make the appropriate changes.

  • steve24 says:

    “They do fight in a ring, ala BodogFIGHT or PRIDE.”

    First mistake by M-1 right there. The ring is unattractive. The cage opens people’s eyes. The ring looks amateur, the cage looks pro. M-1 will not go anywhere.

  • steve24 says:

    And what the fuck does Mix-Fighting Championships mean?

  • garth says:

    mix-fighting…mixed martial arts? i guess. seems like they’re fighting in a blender.

  • michael says:

    Mixfight is a synonime to Mixed Martial Arts. It’s just MMA that became famous wordlwide, that’s all. In the Netherlands they use mixfight-word as well.

  • FJ says:

    I like the ring better than a cage. Also it is better for watching live

  • It’s very disappointing that it’s in a ring and not a cage. I think that alone might cause a lot of fans to lose interest. I highly prefer the cage.

  • Evan says:

    Cage is much better for fighting but the ring does look better on TV.

  • dizzle says:

    “First mistake by M-1 right there. The ring is unattractive. The cage opens people’s eyes. The ring looks amateur, the cage looks pro. M-1 will not go anywhere.”

    I wouldn’t exactly say this is a mistake. I personally think that cage fight should strictly be used in UFC. I like the Ring because if you’ve ever been in a real fight…ur not fighting with fences all around u…it’s more likely that u would fight with nothing there to help u get leverage like a cage can do.

    just my personal feelings.

  • trench says:

    I think it’s more likely Roman Zentsov next to Fedor in the pic, but I’ve been wrong before.

  • Macdaddy says:

    No, that’s Taktarov.

    And dizzle, my experience in streetfights/club bouncing situations is that there’s almost always at least one wall, curb, bar or other hard surface around and using it or avoiding it is an art. Generally you are not fighting with a ring around you either. Of course in MMA matches you don’t have to worry about the other guys girlfriend jumping on your back most of the time either.

    I also prefer cage fights to rings because I find that fighters use the ropes to escape and get the action stopped or entangle their opponents, and overall they detract from the flow of the fight.

  • luckshot says:

    However you look at it M-1 will be just as big as UFC ,with the loss of Randy Couture. Dont get me wrong the other fighters are very elite…but without the big dog in his yard M-1 is set to run with their soon to be newest fighter fedor.

    PS. Fedor doesnt live in outer space he knows Couture wants to fight him, both of them should find a way to fight! ASAP!!!

  • you guys that say the cage is better are a bunch of fucking n00bz, the ring offers a better view for live action and is seen alot more apealing to those who dispise the sport, m-1 is going to do great and they will be the next pride

  • earl says:

    Agreed! The cage is great for UFC wrestling matches but if you want to see the best striking and stand-up fighting, the ring is far superior to the cage. The only question is will they allow soccer kicks? For godsakes let’s hope so. Also, if Randy can get out of his contract and fight Fedor in this organization, he’ll set the precedent for many other top UFC fighters who’ve rightfully complained about the lack of pay compared to other organizations to do the same. FUCK DANA WHITE! Anyone who disses the Natural, Fedor, and Babalu in a matter of months is a fuckin’ idiot!

  • luckshot says:

    Cage?? ring?? Who cares lets get the fight between Natural and Fedor already; however White has pissed off far to many good fighters and its coming back to bite him in the ass!!!!!


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