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Brandon Vera discusses the problems that kept him out of the cage for most of ’07


In an interview posted at, Brandon “The Truth” Vera discussed a lot of interesting topics with me about what is going on with his career.

Vera was very candid about the management issues that caused him leave the UFC for almost a year. (Vera last fought on November 16,2006 – defeating Frank Mir):

My ex-manager Mark Dionne was untruthful about some stuff with the UFC. He did not tell me everything the UFC saying. It made me not like the UFC for a time. It made me think the UFC did not care what I was doing. I felt disrespected, but none of what Dionne said was true. I ended up getting rid of (Dionne). I found out a lot of stuff Dionne did during arbitration. I got to tell him exactly how I felt without putting my hands on him and that was kind of cool. I felt relieved.

Vera also talked about past-negotiations with EliteXC:

Q: While you were out, we actually saw you at a Gary Shaw promoted boxing event, Israel Vasquez for Rafael Marquez 1, in Los Angeles, Ca. There were a lot of EliteXC fighters there. Shaw even alluded to the fact that EliteXC was close to signing you. What happened there?

BV: They never made an official offer to me according to Mark Dionne. I guess they were just throwing numbers around. I believe that is why Mark did not tell me about the UFC’s offer. Dionne liked the numbers EliteXC was throwing at him instead.

With the current state of turmoil within the heavyweight division in the UFC, Vera may very well be coming back at the most opportune time. If Vera should defeat Sylvia and then possibly Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, we could very well be looking at Randy Couture’s successor to the UFC heavyweight throne.

You can read the whole interview by clicking here.

  • Jeremy says:

    I saw Vera mention in an interview he feels like he is picking up right where he left off fighting Sylvia, since he was supposed to until his contract issue came about. The UFC heavyweight division is kind of back to a similar status as well because of Couture leaving. Seems like karma might be pointing in Brandon’s way right now, that is if a Sylvia punch doesn’t knock him out first.

  • BearTap says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of the truth ever since he KO’d that huge french dude with the knee in the clinch. Dude just shoots it straight and let’s his fist silence the critics. I really hope he takes it to Sylvia and then takes it to Minotauro for the heavyweight strap. I have to be honest, I’ve been fairly thrown off by all the “politics” that have been dragging the sport and the industry through the mud lately. First Vera’s contract problem, then Sherk and Franca with the steroids and then Randy bailing. I just want people to calm down and start throwing leather. 😛 WWE is a place for saga, UFC should only be about ass-whoopin. 😛

  • Luke says:

    Fabiano Scherner is Brazilian, not French.

  • Davey D says:

    Vera’s has a very tough fight on Saturday against Tim-eh. I think he’ll win in a hard fought war. If he were to fight Nogueira for the strap down the line, I would try my best to be there in person. In that fight, I have to go with Nogueira.


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