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Jake Shields confirms interest in UFC

Jake_ShieldsIn a recent interview with, EliteXC welterweight fighter Jake Shields not only confirms that he has one fight left on his current contract but that he’s considering leaving the promotion and signing with the UFC after his contract expires:

KM: Your contract status?

JS: This is the last fight on my contract. They offered some more fights but I’m letting my manager handle that.

KM: Who is your manager?

JS: Right now my Dad is actually my manager.

KM: What do you think of 2008?

JS: I want to go out there and fight the best. I’m really looking at UFC over Elite because that is where a lot of top guys are. In the next few weeks I’ll probably make my decision on where I’m going to be signing.
KM: Should we say you are ‘in talks now’ or ‘have talked to’ UFC?
JS: Have been in the past. I’m sure we’re going to talk to them in the next week before we sign anything with Elite. I’m ready to get in there with the top guys. With the Rumble on the Rock tournament and EliteXC and my last four or five fights have been top come and have been fast, easy fights. I think it definitely shows I belong there.

Losing Shields would be a devastating blow to EliteXC at a time where it needs to add talent to its roster, not lose it. The UFC already has the finest 170 lbs. division in the world and by adding Shields they’d essentially render any other promotion’s welterweight division as irrelevant.


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