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Henderson claims the UFC is trying to make cutbacks

In Steve Sievert’s latest “MMA Notebook” on the Houston Chronicle website, PRIDE welterweight champion Dan Henderson is the latest fighter to speak out against the UFC’s negotiation practices when it comes to compensation:

Couture is not alone when it comes to being dissatisfied with how the UFC doles out dollars. Light heavyweight Dan Henderson, who was in Houston on Saturday to conduct a clinic at Miletich Fighting Systems, says dealing with the UFC on compensation and contracts is challenging and not as easy as previous negotiations with Pride Fighting Championships.

“It seems like guys could be happier,” Henderson said. “Part of the problem is that they had a couple, three bad shows and got killed in Ireland (at UFC 72) on the money. And, possibly the fact that they spent a boatload of money buying Pride and didn’t do anything with it; they are trying to make some cutbacks, and the fighters aren’t overly happy about that.”

It’s very interesting to hear Henderson make the claim that the UFC is trying to make cutbacks.

Henderson also reiterated what had been reported in a previous article by Sievert that he  had recently turned down a extension offer by the UFC:

Despite assurances from White that he would be taken care of in the UFC, Henderson is waiting for what he thinks is an equitable offer.

“He was telling me that, ‘We haven’t had guys leaving. We take care of the guys, that’s why they’re happy. We don’t want guys that are unhappy,’ ” Henderson said about initial negotiations with White. “I haven’t seen that.”

With M-1 slated to expand their global operations, it will be interesting to see whether the UFC extends a second offer to Henderson that is more lucrative than their first. It is probably safe to make the assumption that M-1 and several of the UFC’s other competitors would have a keen interest in Henderson.

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  • Evan says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if true…

    but has he ever been in a financial meeting?

  • dizzle says:

    I think this is a good thing that the fighters are doing. The UFC needs to think more about their fighters and less about their brand name.

  • Jeremy says:

    Dizzle, the UFC pays plenty of money to their fighters(especially at Henderson’s level). Show me another promotion that pays as much as the UFC fighters get paid on an average or regular basis, along with everything else they get for fighting in the UFC?

    I think the biggest problem with all this for the fighters anyways, is that there isn’t another promotion right now that can compete with the UFC financially. For the fighters to win this battle they need that option, right now it doesn’t exist.

  • dizzle says:

    Jeremy I never said they didn’t pay their fighters pleny of money. We all know that the top fighters in the UFC get payed decent wages.

    This is just one of those things that happens in every industry. People working for company feel the same way. They feel like they don’t get the respect they deserve while they are the ones who are helping the company grow & make more money.

    I’m just glad that some of the fighters are coming out and letting it be known what they like and dislike about the org. The bottom like is that people don’t like the feeling of being taken advantage of. It’s just human nature.

  • tomkay says:

    I see that Matt Hughes no longer has the Xyience link on his affiliations page but now has Nutritox has anyone tried their products?

  • dice says:

    # 3 Jeremy Says:
    October 15th, 2007 at 1:48 pm

    “Dizzle, the UFC pays plenty of money to their fighters(especially at Henderson’s level). Show me another promotion that pays as much as the UFC fighters get paid on an average or regular basis, along with everything else they get for fighting in the UFC?”

    C’mon jeremy, are you serious? Plenty of money, compared to what? The average american worker? LOL If the were “paying them plenty of money” they wouldn’t be having the problems they now have. You get into trouble when you start comparing UFC salaries to other mma promotions. You need to learn what the word “relative” means. As in what are the fighters being paid relative to what the company is earning in revenue. People need to start looking at what percent of the revenue goes to fighters and then start comparing orgs. to one another. Comparing UFC salaries to lower tier shows makes no sense because these shows earn far less. The problems that are arising in the UFC have nothing to do with whether the UFC pays more than other promotions, it has to do with fighters feeling as though the pie isn’t being cut fairly. There is a big difference.

    Bottom line: The debate on whether UFC fighters feel as though they are underpaid is over. Meltzer reported more than a week ago that top UFC fighters were unhappy with their compensation after learning of what former pride stars were making. I believe this is just the beginning of a long battle between the UFC and its fighters. The dream Dana had of getting the best fighters under one roof looks to be dead or a long way off. He doesn’t even have the top 3 heavyweights right now, they still have yet to sign a lot of prides lightweights, the lightheavy division is lacking a #1 contender, and his last few cards haven’t sold that well. Combine this with the fact that they lost the HBO deal, which would have provided yet another source of revenue and you can see where Dan is coming from.


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