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UFC 78 fight card — UPDATED Version III

Here’s the latest on the UFC 78 card:


  • Michael Bisping vs. Rashad Evans
  • Houston Alexander vs. Thiago Silva
  • Karo Parisyan vs. Ryo Chonan – UPDATED
  • Frank Edgar vs. Spencer Fisher
  • Ed Herman vs. Joe Doekerson


  • Chris Lytle vs. Thiago Alves – UPDATED
  • Joe Lauzon vs. Jason Reinhardt
  • Tamdan McCrory vs. Akihiro Gono
  • Marcus Aurelio vs. Luke Caudillo

We’ll keep updating as fights get signed…

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  • bubbafat says:

    I’ve been looking forward to seeing the Piranha. They didn’t give him an easy ride, with Parisyan. But he’s got a win over Anderson Silva with that beautiful heel hook.

  • steve24 says:

    Can’t believe Alves vs. Lytle is not going to be televised.

  • Johnny P. says:

    I’m excited for this card. It’s taken alot of crap, but giving it the once over, it’s an interesting night to me. Bisping vs Evans matches to fighters i like. I don’t care about the hype surrounding whether they did or didn’t win there last fights or pro/con rematch fight arguments. None of that has anything to do with this fight, and these two obviously both have futures as semi-name to name talent. This is a good test for now to see where they’re at, it might decide Bisping dropping down, and it will most likely give us a verdict on how many years Evans has before he truly seen as a main event.

    Houston Alexander gets a challenge up a scale from where he was, but not yet top five. This is exactly why I don’t want rankings or it having effects on booking fights. This was a match up based on the way the company and the fans read the lay of the land. It was done on “feel”, and it’s a good test for Alexander. I’d like to see him dropped to the ground, because winning standing up moves him forward, but also makes the questions louder.

    I’m not doing judo throws over Parisyan vs Chonan, but at least I know Chonan, and know he’s not a bum. This is really just a midcard test for Karo, but I loves me some Karo, so I’ll be happy to watch the artistic portion of this competition.

    Frankie Edgar and Spencer Fisher. This match should go on first. Much like pro wrestling (when WCW existed and had it’s head on straight) you need a hot opener that will excite people, but not kill them for the rest of the show. Wrestling had the cruiserweights, and MMA has the 155s. Last show had a great lightweight match to set the tone, and I don’t think this should be any different. Doesn’t matter who wins, cause it’ll be great either way.

    Ed Herman vs David Terrel is a good second match. It’s the one I’m least interested in, but am am interest. Alot of people know Herman from TUF. Many hardcores know Terrell and wanna follow him coming back hopefully with success.

    I know this is a nickel priced look at it, but it’s a good card. I don’t think my satellite dish-owning casual fan neighbor will buy it, but it’ll make them money. Besides, I don;t see most fans bitching because of business. hardcore fans by percentage are worried about the opening match pairing, an obscure guy not making the show, and their perception of the main. I don’t see any of those being a problem here.

  • Zurich says:

    I’d MUCH prefer to see Lytle instead of Herman.. Ed Herman is a big time douche who’s not very good either.

  • canadianfightfan says:

    This is a Shitty CARD! Rashad and Bisping are NOT headliner’s yet!! I say all the true fans should Boycot this card based on it’s shity-ness!!
    I feel bad for Joe Lauzon he is the One rising star on the card. I know some of you think “the Heat” is a challenger for a title, he is gonna have to wait a LONG TIME, and even if he gets a shot, GSP has already beat his ASS! Houston and Alves are the only fights with any potential, Ed Herman is not that good and Dave Terell is shaky at best. This card is not even a GOOD TUF Card, Free on Spike!!! HOW CAN ANY ONE PAY $49.95 for this??

  • gipper says:

    ed herman is damn good. call him a douche if you want but don’t bash him saying he’s not good. he started a little slow losing to my man macdonald and grove but he rebounded nice beating 2 tough guys in smith and price in convincing fashion. this guy is the real deal and has been groomed by 3 of the best mma fighters in the world(couture, lindland, henderson) i mean it’s not hard to tell when he fights with his classic team quest style. he was a mouth piece on the show but has shown a lot of respect toward the ufc and his fans. he’s in for a true test though with terrell.

  • dizzle says:

    I am only excited about the alexander vs alves fight.


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