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Nick Diaz calls out Jon Fitch and Bill Goldberg in new interview

In a new interview with Jesse Holland of, Nick Diaz holds nothing back, as usual. When asked a question in regard to his fight from Sept. 15 against Mike Aina, Diaz even calls the commentators on the telecast into question, most notably Bill Goldberg:

Jesse Holland (UFCmania): Well the EliteXC commentators weren’t exactly helping your cause.

Nick Diaz: Man, fuck them. They were acting like they’re all buddies with me and the next day they stick it to me. They should be able to know and recognize what’s going on in there. You got (Bill) Goldberg in there and they’re acting like he’s this experienced fighter but who is he? Why isn’t there a fighter in the booth helping these guys? If you never fought an MMA match in your life how are you going to be able to know what you’re looking at? Not everything that goes on in the cage should be taken at face value but if you’re not a fighter you don’t recognize that stuff. That was ridiculous man these guys need to shut up and call it right.

And even though he just recently signed a long-term extension with EliteXC, Diaz still wants to get his hands on some UFC welterweights and is willing to call them “pussies” on the record if that’s what it takes to get a match:

Nick Diaz: Georges or Matt Hughes, who the hell is there? Fitch? My boy Jake choked him out already. I’m ready to start talking shit on these guys. What do I have to do to fight one of these guys or get the promoters to make it happen? Call these guys pussies? Fine. They’re all pussies. Fuck every single one of them.

Jesse Holland (UFCmania): You don’t think Fitch is the real deal?

Nick Diaz: No, I don’t. I think I’m gonna slap him and after I slap him I’m gonna beat him. Give me a fight with Fitch, go ahead. The UFC doesn’t want me fighting them but I’ll be there even when they start falling off because I’m a long distance fighter not like these fragile guys who always get hurt in training. How the hell do you get hurt so much in training? Stop flipping tires and jacking up all these weights.

To read the rest of this top notch interview, just click here.

  • Thanks for the shout! Nick was a lot of fun and despite the profanity he happens to be a really nice guy.

  • Tom says:

    Nick Diaz is a pretty tough guy calling out all of these UFC fighters immediately after he signs a contract with EliteXC so he knows he won’t be able to face them in the ring/cage. He’s a lot of talk, especially after barely getting past the no-name fighter he just faced…

  • Captain says:

    Bill Goldberg is one cocky annoying know nothing know-it-all.

  • gipper says:

    nick diaz your the man…the only guy at his level in elite xc is his buddy shields…that would be a damn good fight if it ever happened which is highly unlikely. keep telling it like it is nick.

  • Ben Fowlkes says:

    I love how Nick Diaz seems to have been born without any self-censoring device in his brain. That, along with his preternatural talent for jiu-jitsu, makes him one of the most interesting guys in the MMA world.

  • canadianfightfan says:

    I like Nick, and I like how he calls out some fighter’s, but…GSP would kick his ASS! I think he could beat a lot of the UFC’s fighters but I think he would have trouble with Fitch and GSP, I think he could out strike KOS (because KOS is a BITCH and couldn;t punch his way out of a wet paper bag) plus if KOS could take nik down I think he would Sub him fast!
    Any notice how BIG Roby Lawler’s HEAD has gotten in the TUF show???
    And I mean LITEARALLY……HGH??? Or maybe it’s cause he has no hair?


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