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Franklin talks UFC 77 rematch with Silva (video)

If you think about it, the best thing for the UFC’s middleweight division right now would be for Rich Franklin to win next Saturday’s rematch against Anderson Silva and become a two-time UFC middleweight champ.

With no depth in the division right now, the UFC desperately needs some parity at the top. Otherwise, the next UFC middleweight title match we could see following UFC 77 could easily be Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami. That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad match (in fact, Okami already holds a win over Silva) but it wouldn’t be main event caliber and the UFC needs money matchups.

So can Franklin do it? I’m not so sure. Is a year enough time to master Silva’s clinch work? I’m no Muay Thai expert but have trained in it and while you can improve your work in the clinch in 12 months, being able to get to Silva’s level in that regard might be nearly impossible.

Franklin’s game plan should be to avoid those long ass arms of Silva and put the champ on his back ASAP. Silva received his black belt in Jiu-Jitsu from the Nogueiras and he’s got some nice transitions and a pretty slick triangle choke but I’m not impressed with his wrestling. Franklin is a big 185’er and if his wrestling game is tight, he’ll be able to control Silva on the ground.

I know Adam Morgan disagrees with me but he’s from Cincinnati, so what do you expect?

Here’s some SportsCenter video of Adam’s hero:

  • Johnny P. says:

    Two things Sam. Is it that Okami vs Silva isn’t a money match, or that the American public isn’t progressive enough with MMA or culturally in general to sit through a possible technical mat based match with two foreigners? It’s no that i think the match is marquee or main event, but if it was third from the top out of six, would they book it. Neither guy speaks English, and every time Silva’s interpreter talks I get the feeling the producers lower the volume in the venue for fear a a section of racist catcalls.

    Secondly, I worry about Rich Franklin here because I think he’s an extremely talented fighter who is top level, but just can’t beat Silva. And I worry because mentally I think he may be similar to Georges St. Pierre, especially with Matt Hughes (or maybe coming back against Koss). I think it’s a head chess game with himself, and I don’t know if you still feel the way you did back when you and Luke Thomas got into that on a preview show in August, but it’s the one time I really wanted to get you on the phone and yell at you. I don’t think an athlete is a “head case” for seeing a sports Psychologist, and in fact thing more people, especially athletes, should see them, or at least really talk alot with close friends and be more open. I know that promotes emotions, maybe crying and hugs, but I think thats healthy for a fighter to be in touch with. I think Franklin should see someone, and I think he’s battling a self confidence scare, and he’s losing.

  • Adam Morgan says:

    If Franklin takes Silva to the ground and maintains top control, I think his jits and wrestling are good enough to keep him there and win a decision.

  • I believe that Silva could beat Franklin !!



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