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Couture interviewed on SportsCenter (video)

Former UFC heavyweight champion (damn, it’s upsetting just to type that) Randy Couture was interviewed on SportsCenter on Friday by host Brian Kenny. Couture addresses why he walked away from the UFC and reiterates a lot of the things he’s already said in writing.

It’s interesting that when asked if he might return to the UFC at some point in the future that he doesn’t rule it out. Also, we really don’t get a straight answer about whether he might try and fight Fedor in another promotion.

Remember when Dana criticized the blogs a month or so ago claiming that they build the fighters up only to tear them down when he went on to praise the fact that mainstream media is covering the sport more? At the time I said White was crazy for thinking that mainstream media would be any different. Well, I wonder if this is the kind of press he was looking for?

  • Mr. Takedown says:

    WOW – statements knocking the way the UFC pays you made to the Fight Network is on thing (not knocking FN) but to do it talking Brian Kinney on ESPN is HUGE. That is a HUGE knock against the UFC that its heralded champion says “I’ve just had enough”.

    This just escalated from hardcore fan interest to mainstream. So so so sad. We all have been waiting for the UFC popularity to get the exposure it deserves from the ESPN’s and NBC Sports of the world, and this is the opposite of what it needs right now. WTF.

    I really hope Zuffa hires a top tier PR company to help them with their rep. Having your President go gonzo style to the media all the time is not the way to be taken seriously in the press.

  • Johnny P. says:

    A PR company would be a good idea, and I actually think Meltzer reported in his print Observer publication that they had a few weeks back (nothing to do with this), though it could be advertising. If anyone remembers, please clarify.

    The problem is that Dana insists on being the face of the company, and the brothers Fertitta are happy to let him be. I don’t see Dana being the personality type to take direction from consultants, and I don’t see the Lorenzo Fertitta ultimately making the call to pull Dana.

    Sam will get this more then most, but it’s like Jim Fergosi in 1993 with Mitch Williams. Alot of people forget he got the save record that year with something like 46 saves. He’s been on the hill to clinch against Atlanta (the best team in baseball that year in my opinion), but in the final game, we all knew watching at home he was gonna screw up against Joe Carter. Fergosi wouldn’t pull him though. It took me well into my twenties to understand why. Dana, like William, brought them to the dance. They sink or swim with Dana.

  • bumpster says:

    Not even the owners of all the major sports leagues could do what Dana White and Fertittas are trying to accomplish. Dana White will drag down the UFC. Sure, he is doing a fine job now holding down costs and securing huge profits by underpaying fighters but, the sport will eventually grow beyond the brand and his lame public image. He is a fool if he thinks that his company is bigger than the people who sacrifice to provide the blood, broken bones, and bruises for the paying public to enjoy. It is about the fighters. They are the people who make this sport. There will come a day when a fighter comes along who will make that point to Dana White. An MMA version of Muhammad Ali. When it does the UFC will become no more viable than boxings alphabet soup organizations. A bunch of wealthy louts with keys to the arena and control of the PPV remote who will have to pay if they want to survive. I do not care what brand name is on the product. Just deliver the best product possible or shut the hell up Dana. Time to smell the hubris and wash it away before you are rendered an hyperbolic buffoon for all to scorn.


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