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Anderson Silva is a class act (video)

Unless the translator is pulling our leg, Anderson Silva is a class act. In this ESPN video, Silva really doesn’t say anything noteworthy about his rematch against Rich Franklin at UFC 77 next Saturday:

Franklin’s a class act as well so no matter who walks away as the winner, the UFC will be in good shape as far as their middleweight champion is concerned. However, the challenger situation is indeed a concern. If I’m the UFC, I’m doing whatever I can to make it worth Dan Henderson’s while to fight in a 185 lbs. unification match. Who wouldn’t want to see Henderson vs. Silva or Henderson vs. Franklin?

  • paddiosf says:

    I hope Silva desmantles Franklin….For Dana Whit to give Franklin homefield advantage show’s how Dana and Zuffa wants the belt back in his hands…Dana is giving the UFC Bad Karma…..

  • Johnny P. says:

    I think the fight being in Cincinnati can be seen a a sports or simulated sport (referring to Pro Wrestling) tactic of achieving a hot crowd. How is bad karma to be a promoter and want a sellout at the gate and an excited crowd that wants to see a title change. The dynamic only works if the challenger is in his hometown. Ever seen Rocky? There’s alot of sports movies out there that people get emotionally wrapped up in because of this kind of detail work. It’s done all the time to drive up business in wrestling (or it was, not so much anymore). This is another example of where I feel egotistical White gets a bad wrap, and if you defend him you become a UFC homer and a “TUF newb”. It’s not that I’m saying you are, paddiosf, but it’s the general “hardcore” fan thing to do. Alot of times I think the hardcore fan thing to do becomes pretentious, because if you were all so involved, SHOOTO would be selling hundreds of thousands of DVDs over hear and Jordan Breen would have a job with Yahoo, not Kevin Iole :)

    Now, I wanna see Silva win too, and if he does, can we finally give him some love. He’s the definition of an underrated fighter who people call overrated, and yet he has the BELT! Please drop down, HENDO, cause I think Silva can stay with him, and who knows, maybe even win. I like Rich Franklin, he’s an excellent rep for UFC, but if Silva could speak English and talk trash, wouldn’t we be hearing how badass and unstoppable he’s looked this year? It’s not 2003, I don’t wanna hear about how he lost then. We’re all better at what we do 4 years later.

  • Adam Morgan says:

    If Henderson drops down to 185, everyone at that weight class is dead.

  • paddiosf says:

    I’ve read on a few different sites that Henderson is happy at 205 and doesn’t want to drop down to 185….I ‘ve also read that the UFC wants him to drop down for a unifcation fight for the Pride belt…


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