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What if Randy Couture…

Started his own fight promotion or was hired by another promotion in a management role? You don’t think a fight promotion would want to utilize the relationships he has with all the fighters that fight out of his gym?


  • Adam Morgan says:

    I’ve always thought Randy Couture would have been a great UFC President. He’s a hell of an ambassador for the sport. UFC needs someone like Roger Goodell in the NFL, less like Dana White. I always thought Randy would have been perfect for that out of retirement.

    Whether or not he’d do it with another org is an altogether different question.

  • Tanner says:

    This hasn’t been a very good month for Dana White, I undertsand that he’s not the only one that has something to do with it but first the HBO deal falls through, Probably because of dana, Fedor signs with another company, again probably because of dana. and now the UFC HW Champion resigns because of issues with the management? 3 strikes and you’re out dana. I’ve had respect for Dana and his ruthless ways but now i’ve completely lost it and he just seems to be the barrier from the UFC growing any more right now.

  • steve24 says:

    Hey Sam stop trying to start

    Imagine all Couture fighters fighting in another organization. UFC would be pretty empty.

  • Carson says:

    Hell, I just hope he joins M-1 so we can finally see him against Fedor.

  • All of his fighters win most of their fights so he could pull from a really good stock if he ever decided to do it. With all these small timers starting half baked promotion events why not a big name like Couture?


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