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Tito Ortiz: I will fight again in early 2008

The following statement was sent to 5 Oz. of Pain from Tito Ortiz’s press office earlier this morning:

Huntington Beach, CA — (October 11, 2007) – As always, it’s been great to hear from so many fans who are eager to know about my next match. Right now I am totally focused on training. I have always had a reputation for being the best prepared fighter in any match I’ve ever entered, and I intend to maintain that reputation. I’m currently working very closely with the UFC to plan my next fight, which you can be sure will not disappoint my fans. It looks like I will fight again in early 2008, and when I do I will be 100% prepared to crush my opponent.

During training breaks I’m busy running my active sportswear business Punishment Athletics (, which has just had its most successful year, and with the two causes that I support — our troops and children in need. I hope there will be an announcement very soon about a new effort that I’m involved with for kids that I think all of my fans will want to get behind. I’m also planning to follow-up my visit with our troops in this summer with a return trip before the end of the year.

  • Johnny P says:

    Let the Tito hate begin, cause it will anyway. I look forward to watching Tito again, definately a semi-main kinda guy for a few more years. Tito might not have the full substance to compete for the title at 205 anymore, but it’s not bad being in the conversation because of your name. He puts on a show, he’s entertaining, and it’s not like he can’t fight. If you are willing to follow the development of Kimbo Slice (possibly) from street Fighter to Bas Rutten approved MMA star, then give Tito the same leeway (sp?). After all, I wanna see Tito vs Forrest again next year, and that would be a great Jan. fight. Something tells me I won’t get my wish, even if it’s promoted as Tito the gatekeeper w/ a Griffen possible title shot on the line

  • defsteve says:

    Haha. Agreed. The ‘hating’ will now commence. I don’t mind Tito. Neither love him or hate him, but statements like “It looks like I will fight again in early 2008, and when I do I will be 100% prepared to crush my opponent.” make me giggle.

    I guess Ken Shamrock is coming back to the UFC then ?


  • Basix says:

    I would like to see Ortiz again before he calls it quits. I believe tito will announce an early retirement soon. I believe this because the competition in LH Division is brutal and fighters seem to want their title shots more now than ever before. Face it all of these fighters are now considered the best in the world and before it was questionable. Tito… don’t get me wrong I am a huge fan but I am a bigger fan of the sport and I want more excitement.

  • GunnClappa says:

    Lets go Tito in 08! I wanna see Wandi vs. Tito 2 and Hendo Vs Tito. Make it happen Mr. White!

  • steve says:

    man ive been dying to see tito fight again it was disappointing that he didn’t step up and fight rashad in that rematch but it will definitely be an exciting return. Hes one of the more entertaining fighters in the industry in my opinion.


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