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Site News: Chat on and info on new writers

Hey Everyone:

I wanted to give you a quick heads that I will be chatting at tomorrow at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT on their forums. I have actually already responded to a few questions and you can get involved at:

Also, we are no longer seeking applications for new writers. I wanted to thank everyone who applied and I heard from a ton of qualified candidates. I received much more interest than I expected. We have decided to definitely bring in two of the applicants as contributors and I will be making announcements about them soon. There is a chance three other applicants will be brought in as well.

One thing I hate is when I have applied for jobs is not getting a personal response back. My plan is to respond to everyone personally who applied in the next few days. I would have responded sooner but I have to submit an article to FIGHT! and work on some production notes for a telecast in addition to all the regular stuff I’m doing on a daily basis. In general, I am behind on my e-mail but will be getting back to everyone soon.

Also, stayed tuned for an announcement about a site that 5 Oz. will be supplying content to.

– Sam


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