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Combat in the Cage results for Oct. 6 in Trenton, NJ

Here are the quick results for tonight’s Combat in the Cage show in Trenton, NJ at the Sovereign Bank Arena:

1. Tinh Tupy won a unanimous decision over Rick Desper in a bantamweight match

2. Baba Shigeyashu won a split decision over Anthony Montaro in a lightweight bout

3. Mike Shenk looked very impressive in submitting Steve McCabe with a rear naked choke at 2:25 of round 1

4. Aaron Miesner defeated Chris Reedy via TKO at 1:25 of round 1. Miesner dominated the fight and had a tremendous size advantage. Reedy took the fight on short notice and agreed to the fight at 185 lbs. even though he normally competes at 170 lbs. Miesner cuts from 200-plus and appeared to be about 195 lbs. for the fight. Reedy didn’t take the loss well as he stormed off before the official decision was announced.

5. Pat McGreal won via TKO (ground strikes) over Mike Groves at 0:42 of round 2. Groves trains out of the Fight Factory in Philadelphia and I believe Eddie Alvarez was in his corner.

6. Wilson Reis improved his pro record to 2-0 with a submission victory via rear naked choke against Diego Jimenez at 2:00 of round 1. Jimenez is a strong fighter who trains out of Anthracite Combat Club in Minersville, PA. Anthracite is the same school where Shane Ott and Jon Murphy train out of. The win by Reis was impressive and he really worked the choke in even though Jimenez was defending it well. Jimenez didn’t tap and instead allowed himself to go to sleep.

7. Tim Carpenter submitted Sean McCaan with a triangle choke at 1:43 of round 1 for the Combat in the Cage Light Heavyweight Title. This match ended in controversy because Carpenter had McCaan in a full triangle but the ref stopped the match because of a cut on McCaan’s head. The doctor cleared him and the referee re-started the match with McCaan in a full choke. It appeared as though as he tapped but he was disputing the outcome. I’m not completely positive, but I think he was complaining that the choke was in much deeper than it was prior to the re-start. Crowd heavily booed the outcome.

8. Jim Bova won the Combat in the Cage lightweight title when he submitted Mark Getto with a rear naked choke in round 1. I do not have the official time but I believe it was at about 1:45 into the round. Bova trains out of Anthracite.

9. Zach Makovsky won a unanimous decision over Emerson Souza to claim the Combat in the Cage Bantamweight title. Makovsky trains out of the Fight Factory and had Alvarez in his corner.

Jon Murphy was supposed to fight Jason Dolloff in the main event but the match was scratched from the card after Dolloff’s medicals did not check out. Apparently he had a pre-existing medical condition and didn’t follow the doctor’s recommended course of treatment. The N.J. State Athletic Control Board had some questions about Dolloff’s medical records and called his doctor. They must have not liked what they heard.

Murphy attended the show and looked ready to fight. He’s hoping to return to action sooner rather than later.

BodogFIGHT women’s champion Tara LaRosa was also at the show and came out during one of the introductions for a Fight Factory fighter. It appears that LaRosa is now affiliated with the Fight Factory in some way.

Also, there was some talk backstage about the cancellation of CFFC 6. A lot of people are unhappy with how things played out and word is that CFFC promoter Felix Martinez could face an uphill battle in being able to promote a card in New Jersey again.

  • Brent says:

    I jokingly asked Reedy if he had good insurance on the UG, when i saw he was fighting Aaron – why did he storm off, was it a questionable stoppage or something?

    RE: CFFC 6 – Nick Lembo came on the UG and said the original cancellation rumor was not true and that he had talked to Felix, etc – then the next day was the cancellation announcement on the CFFC site… they probably feel a bit peeved at them, regardless of the circumstances.

  • Brad Court says:

    Congrats to my friends and training partners Wilson Reis and Tim Carpenter!!!

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  • Sam Caplan says:

    It’s possible he had questions about it but I’m not entirely sure anyone else did.

  • God's Gift says:

    Anthony Montanaro was def screwed out of his fight. Won round 1, close round 2, def won the 3rd. Whover scored 30-27 should never ref again, def one of the most bs decisions i’ve seen in awhile

  • Sam Caplan says:

    I agree that there’s no way the fight should have been 30-27.

    However, I wholeheartedly disagree that Montaro got screwed. It was the kind of fight that could go either way and to say one guy got screwed just isn’t right because both guys fought really well.

  • Brent says:

    “Whover scored 30-27 should never ref again”

    Don’t confuse a judge with a ref – MMA judges are handsome and smart!

  • Adam says:

    Another big congratulations to Tim C on his win. Way to go little brother.

  • Matt Peterson says:

    Sam, please email me at [email protected]. I am Jason Dolloff’s manager. You received some bad information because the situation as you reported it is not accurate. I’d like to check your source. Many thanks.

  • Ron says:

    Yes, tara now trains at our gym (Fight factory) and that was eddie in mikeys corner, mikey was very very depressed after that fight, he trained very hard and was very nervous

  • Sam Caplan says:


    Thanks for the clarification in regard to Tara.

    In regard to Mike Groves, I have actually sparred with him a couple of times when we both trained at Philly MMA/MFS. He was on the MMA competition team and while I wasn’t on it, sometimes I would spar and practice with them. Mike is as tough as nails and was always pushing the pace. He’s got a big future ahead of him.

    That sucks that he was nervous but I believe it was his first pro fight so I think that’s more than understandable. And Mike actually fought well in that bout so I can’t wait to see him fight again when he has his second bout.

  • mike s says:

    does anybody know where to find the dvd for this event. ed hsu said the ref took it and can’t find it


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