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More on Kurt Angle and the IFL

Even in the fact of reports earlier this week that Kurt Angle was recently arrested on charges of DUI, reports linking him to a potential crossover into MMA simply won’t die.

Alex Marvez, who covers the NFL and MMA for, has dedicated his latest syndicated column to Angle’s ongoing flirtation with mixed martial arts. The current object of Angle’s MMA affection appears to be the International Fight League:

“Other organizations were pushing for me to fight right away for big money – bigger money than any other fighter has ever made,” Angle said during a ringside interview at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. “But I think they were doing it for my name because I had a lot of exposure in (World Wrestling Entertainment) and TNA. When I talked to the IFL, it wasn’t like they came at me with the biggest contract, but they made a lot more sense.

“The IFL is giving me an opportunity to get my feet wet without affecting my job with TNA whatsoever. (The IFL) said they would be second priority and make sure TNA is happy all the time and they’ll take me when they can get me.”

Angle still believes he can make the transition into MMA and be successful against the sport’s biggest names:

Randy Couture is a good leg-attacker, but he’s not even close to me and he’ll admit that to you,” Angle said. “I could take Silva down 10 times a round. That’s how quick and agile I am. I’ve just never had the opportunity (to show it).

“They’ve never seen a Kurt Angle in the ring or my style, which is explosive. I think a lot of heavyweights and light heavyweights won’t expect it.”

Coming from someone who was once convinced that Angle was going to try his hand at MMA, I become more skeptical the more he talks about it.

  • hbdale309 says:

    It’s interesting that he thinks he’s so much better than Randy Couture. I wouldn’t mind seeing that fight. For example, when Randy loses his belt, he could do his final fight before retirement on a huge UFC main event against Kurt Angle.
    Kurt can get it out of his system and there’s no shame in losing to Randy. Plus it would be a huge money maker fight.

    That would be a much better deal for Angle than to get smashed by some scrub for weak money on an IFL superfight.

  • Rashad #1 says:

    Assuming Angle would lose to a scrub in IFL.. he deserves a little more credit then that he is a gold medalist

  • dizzle says:

    Angle is talking way too much. He is talking about how he’s getting offered more money than any other fighter out there…to me that means he’s only gonna do it for the money…is he going to be hungry for a belt? That is the real question.

  • Angle needs to get help for his painkiller addictions, and he needs to have surgery on his broken neck. Those two things have been true for a long time.

  • drewdoodoo says:

    I think we should put Angle and Brock on a deserted island and let them fight to the death. The winner gets to stay on the island.

  • blabal says:

    yo angle has already beaten Randy Couture…..He’s 2-1 last time i checked


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