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(UPDATED) Kimbo vs. Tank main event appears to still be on

Kimbo Slice CFFC 5Rumors have swept through the Underground forum at that Cage Fury Fighting Championship’s pay-per-view fight card scheduled for Friday, October 12 in Atlantic City at the Trump Taj Mahal has been canceled. The scheduled main event for the card is a heavyweight clash between Kimbo Slice and Tank Abbott.

According to Nick Lembo, the counsel to the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, the card has not been canceled. Lembo indicated he had spoken with CFFC promoter Felix Martinez in the last 24 hours upon hearing some of the rumors. He indicated that Martinez said the show was still on but there are some issues pertaining to the pay-per-view provider. Apparently a deal between CFFC and the initial PPV production company it chose to televise the event is no longer in place.

I attempted Martinez via phone and e-mail in order to make a request for comment but my e-mail was returned because Martinez’s e-mail box is apparently full and my voicemail has not been returned. Attempts to reach two other CFFC officials were unsuccessful as well. When I mentioned this to Lembo, he indicated that Martinez is busy trying to secure a new broadcast deal for the show.

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I also contacted Bas Rutten for comment in regard to the fight since he trained Slice for his MMA debut against pro boxer Ray Mercer as well as prepping him for the upcoming fight against Abbott. According to Rutten, the fight is still on to his knowledge because Slice has been training with him every day in preparation for Abbott and has made no mention of the fight being canceled.

Updated: The Fight Network has contacted Martinez and according to the report, CFFC lost its deal with iNDEMAND after an investor backed out. Martinez feels the loss of PPV will be a cost cut and there are plans (but no details) to televise the event over the Internet.

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  • Anton K says:

    Obviously, Marijuana sub-culture represents a large, potent commercial demographic. For example, hip-hop music is filled with images and references to the drug… and hip hop tracks sell millions. It seems to me Diaz is aligning himself and marketing himself, wisely or unwisely, to that subcultural demographic. The marijuana leaf has long been a symbol of rebellion and “sticking it to the man”. Diaz is placing himself smack into the middle of a cultural debate that positions him as an outspoken rebel. Rebellion sells. His outspoken criticism of marijuana laws is refreshing… and a bit daring. Fans respond to that honesty, especially given the hypocrisy of the current War On Drugs. Let’s get real here and watch a Mickey’s replay, shall we? The Alcohol industry, which has a huge impact on public health, sponsors athletes… what’s up with that? Given the damage that alcohol does to society, I’d rather see a pot leaf in the center of the octagon mat than a bottle of malt liquour.

    Frankly, the ridiculous ruling by NSAC is the real culprit here. Their ruling that marijuana is a performance enhancing drug set the stage for Diaz’s image/marketing niche. The NSAC is square and out of touch. Diaz is a successful athlete who on some level, espouses the use of marijuana… Millions of Americans feel the same way about the drug. If Diaz keeps fighting and keeps winning, he’s likely positioned himself to become an icon of the marijuana movement.

    Let’s face it, if more people came out about their use of marijuana, this wouldn’t even be an issue would it?

  • Anton K says:

    Sorry, I posted my response to the Diaz article in the wrong place. Perhaps I should lay off the weed. Ha. Ha.

    Anyway, I dig this site Sam. Thanks for your insight.


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