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Josh Thomson to sue Frank Shamrock?

Strikeforce middleweight champion Frank Shamrock is no stranger when it comes to litigation in MMA and according to a new interview with Strikeforce lightweight title contender Josh Thomson on, Shamrock could find himself involved with another lawsuit.

During Yahoo!’s live stream of Strikeforce’s show this past Saturday from the Playboy Mansion, Shamrock claimed while he was commentating that Thomson is “MMA’s first openly gay fighter.”

Now, Thomson is apparently considering a suit for slander:

PDG: Last night during the broadcast on Yahoo sports, Frank Shamrock was commentating. When you entered the ring Frank said that you were “The first openly gay fighter in mixed martial arts.”

Josh: Yea I know I have been hearing about that. I think that my agent is in the process of hiring a lawyer to file a lawsuit against Frank for slander. We’ll see how that goes.

During the interview, Thomson also addressed the origins of the bad blood that exists between he and Shamrock:

PDG: Well the two of you have gone back forth recently with the taunts. What lead to the dislike between the two of you?

Josh: Really it is the fact that he left our gym and the American Kickboxing Academy fighters didn’t go with Frank. So he got all butt-hurt about the situation. So he started taking credit for all the AKA fighters. Saying we were all trained by him when in fact we were not. Frank likes to think that he trained me and Mike Swick and all the other guys. He never rolled or worked with any of us guys. My trainer Javier brought him in to spar with me, which is no different than Gilbert Melendez coming in to spar with me. He came in and worked with me a couple days a week — that doesn’t mean he is my coach. He was my training partner. If Frank wants to take credit for that then he is barking up the wrong tree. He was never my coach.

Click here for the entire interview.


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