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Preview of things to come at UFC 77 ??


This drawing of Anderson Silva caving in the face of an “unnamed opponent” is pretty sweet. And there’s a good chance it’s exactly what is going to happen (again) on Oct 20th at UFC 77 to Rich Franklin.  Franklin fanboys from all over Ohio will be crying their eyes out on Sunday morning. Most of them will drown their sorrows in heaping bowls of chili as they watch the Bengals lose to Jets the later that day.

This is actually a wallpaper image found on the Sinister brand clothing website. Sinister does a good job of promoting its fighters and not just the clothing on the site.

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  • mma skool says:

    I’m not a Franklin homer or “fanboy”. I like both fighters. I even like Okami, who could probably give Silva some trouble. But Franklin’s not going to get caught in Silva’s mt clench a 2nd time, and if he gets in close and takes Silva down like he did Loiseau (suplex anyone?), it’ll be over for Silva. Just watch the Silva-Lutter fight. If Lutter had any gnp he could’ve finished Silva instead of stupidly going for an arm bar… He punched him a few times in the face and then he stopped and went for a submission while he was postured up from the mount!? (That moment almost made me think that match was fixed.)

    Silva is a great fighter and I like watching him destroy people as much as the next MMA fan, but his ground game hasn’t been proven against the ground and pound. Franklin won’t try to win a standing or JJ match.

  • Adam Morgan says:

    I’m a Franklin homer.

    I will cry in my chili.

    And the Bengals will NOT lose to the Jets. Please.

  • dice says:

    I have no doubt that Franklin/Silva 2 will be a lot closer. I think rich has learned a lot from that loss and has looked pretty good in his last 2 wins (even though its very hard to look good against okami). I don’t know if he will win, but silva should be expecting a better rich franklin.

    I agree with mma skool that silva has some holes in this game. On paper I think he would have a lot of trouble with hendo. He would not have the advantage in the clinch (no one does against hendo) and he would have trouble knocking Henderson out (one of the best chins in all of mma). Plus the biggest hole in silvas game is hendos biggest strength: wrestling. Sam is right, dan may be a badass but he needs to move down just for the companies sake. Their middleweight division is not very deep and they are missing some key guys (filho, kang, linland).


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