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UFC 76 fighter pay – 1/2 mil for Iceman

According to following are the fighter pay outs for UFC 76:

  • Keith Jardine ($14,000) def. Chuck Liddell ($500,000)
  • Forrest Griffin ($44,000) def. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua ($150,000)
  • Jon Fitch ($44,000) def. Diego Sanchez ($22,000)
  • Ryoto Machida ($50,000) def. Kazuhiro Nakamura ($20,000)
  • Tyson Griffin ($24,000) def. Thiago Tavares ($9,000)
  • Rich Clementi ($24,000) def. Anthony Johnson ($5,000)
  • Jeremy Stephens ($6,000) def. Diego Saraiva ($3,000)
  • Christian Wellisch ($14,000) def. Scott Junk ($4,000)
  • Matt Wiman ($16,000) def. Michihiro Omigawa ($5,000)

Fight of the Night bonus went to Tyson Griffin vs. Thiago Tavares. $40,000 for each of those fighters.

Submission of the Night bonus was awarded to Forrest Griffin. $40,000 extra to him.

The total publicly announced pay outs to fighters is $1,074,000.

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  • Screwface says:

    if i was jardine id be pissed, forrest and liddell made way more than him.

  • Matt Boone says:

    Thanks for all the love lately, Sam. Appreciate it.

  • Rashad #1 says:

    Screwface remember that when Jardine signed his contract he was hardly main event material … his contract will run up and he will get paid more but to put him in the same category as Liddell in regards to PPV draws etc.. is just ridiculous

  • robnashville says:

    When you factor in the usual PPV percentage that chuck usually gets you are looking at Chuck getting $1 to $1.5 million vs Keith getting 14 grand and a couple of cases of Xenergy energy drink. Numbers like this make Don King look like a saint in comparison to Zuffa.

  • The NFL, an organization that the UFC has voluntarily compared itself to in the past, pays 60% of its gross revenue to the players, based on terms negotiated by the players’ union.

  • Screwface says:

    true jardine wasnt main event material, but for some reason they kept givin him good fights on ppvs when guys who beat em like rashad evans the winner of tuf that season were givin fight nights. So the ufc certainly been promoting him like hes a top fighter, but this his first win that impressed me..Im just sayin from a winner loser perspective, wouldnt you be pissed if you got 14gs for winning and the loser got half a mil. Jardine even put the wippin on forrest who is his equal in promotional value and forrest made more than double jardine. UFC doesnt pay fighters thier worth, i hope jardine got a bonus at the very least. as a fan who buys every ppv he deserves it. cuz zuffa is rakin in the doh :p i hope tito gets that fighters union started :)

  • LR says:

    What’s funny is Matt Wiman made more than Jardine fighting one of the lowest ranked undercard fights.

  • dice says:

    Ivan, I would really like to see proof of those numbers. Sorry but they are not being honest . Just take this last card as an example, where the overall pay of the fighters was actually higher than average; that would mean that the UFC would have only generated 1.7-1.8 million in revenue?

    Please, with the gate, ppv buys, merchandising at the event, dvd sales and sponsers (of which are numerous) they are clearly making way, WAY more than that. The UFC is looking at signing a 100 million dollar contract with Spike (over 5 or 6 years I believe). TUF is probably one of the cheapest reality shows to produce on all of television. It seems to have very little overhead (rent a house, own the gym, spike provides the TV crew and the actors make nothing but a small stipend) and UFC fight nights are keeping salaries down by only showing up and comers and a few mid carders.

    The fighters are lucky to see 60% of the profits, let alone the revenue (my own wild guess is that the fighters see 10-15% of the revenue). Jardine, who is one the top lightheavys in the world now (and has been considered top 10-15 for awhile), will make a whoping 21 grand this year (unless he fights in dec.).

    The UFC can try and act like they are some benevolent company but its just bullshit to keep the fans and media off their back. They are a tyranny that only cares about profit. They could give a shit less about their fighters. Thats the way the system(capitalism) works and is designed. Pay your fighters as little as possible, extract as much possible revenue from them as you can, dispose of them when they are no longer profitable. Best case scenario for the UFC is to sign a guy to a long term contract (3 year, 9-12 fights), pay him nothing (3-12 thousand per fight plus a bonus if he wins) with the hopes he turns into a star, if so then you have to pay him accordingly, if not then you are not out of much money and you can let him go before the contract is done or not resign him.

    Worst case scenario for the UFC, a star demands a huge price and then starts to lose so much you can’t use them in the Main events anymore. Then, just like dana does, talk shit about them to the media after they lose because your upset at that your investment turned out to be a lousy one(cro cop).

    I know this is a bit of a rant, but the UFC comparing itself to the NFL is nonsensical. Last time I checked the NFL had a players union (that makes a huge difference when it comes contract negotiation time). The UFC doesn’t have a union and hates the fact that they even have to make fighters salaries public. Do they even have a health plan for their fighters?

    60% revenue going to the fighters? Not buying it.

    PS I agree with you the Liddell/Sliva should still happen.

  • kamokid says:

    Well in the Forbes top 400 Richest people in America it showed on avg. the UFC makes about $30 mil. from each ppv event. I’m not sure if that includes merch and other sale items after the ppv like dvd’s of event and etc.

    And after this fight Jardine will most likely be able to ask for more money. To be completly honest he got 14 grand bc he is not a consistant fighter. Yes he knocked out Forest in the first round but he also got killed by a newby to the UFC in 48 sec. NOT to take any credit from Alexander who is an amazing fighter. Jardine also has not fought anyone big enough and won (untill now) to demand a larger pay. Now after putting Liddel in his place i would say he should pry get $25,000 and $25,000 for his next fight. Untill fighters are able to be marketed as big names for paperviews they have no leverage to demand more pay.

  • qjackson says:

    hey goofballs, read josh barnett’s interview with cbs sportsline. The fighters make more than what’s listed and they’re getting paid accordingly based on the amount of $$ that they bring in. chuck puts asses in seats, so he gets paid. although it was a great fight, not many people bought the ppv for griffin/tavares. Remember the WFA? they went out of business after ONE show and partly because they overpaid fighters.

    josh barnett > you aka keyboard warrior

  • dice— I wasn’t saying that the UFC pays the fighters 60% of its gross revenue, or any percentage even remotely close to that. I was saying that the NFL pays the players 60% of its gross revenue, and it’s not a completely invalid comparison to bring up because the UFC itself has made a habit out of publicly comparing itself to the NFL.

  • Fujin says:

    Another fight of the night for the LWs and another for Tyson Griffin. I think the UFC has done a great job with their matchmaking for him over the last 3-4 fights he’s had.

  • Mr. Takedown says:

    the UFC 155’s are uber-talented and very exciting to watch. This weight class and the 205’s can carry the UFC well into next year.

  • Don says:

    qjackson has spoken the truth: those payroll figues are only one part of the overall compensation. It’s a well established fact that at least the headlining fighters get big PPV bonuses that Zuffa is not required to make public. Jardine’s $14,000 is just the minimum he’s guaranteed for winning a fight in the contract he signed after losing on TUF. All MMA sites that post the base salaries reported to the athletic commissions should include a disclaimer, such as mmajunkie does, that total paydays are not public information

  • dice says:

    No I know Ivan, I was simply stating that the to even suggest a comparison (which the UFC does, not you) makes no sense. Comparing an organization with collective bargaining power to one that doesn’t is hard to do. I reread my post and it comes off a little strong, but I didn’t mean to make it sound like you were saying that they pay 60% of revenue to the fighters.

    And to Don, it is NOT a well established fact that headliners get PPV bonuses. It has been reported that couture, hughes, and liddell get PPV bonuses, but I have never seen an article that states everyone gets a bonus if they are headlining.

    And qjackson, Josh Barnett, a guy who hasn’t fought in the UFC for quite some time is not someone that I can call a credible source. I want to hear from guys like Jeremy stephens or Anthony Johnson, and see if they made anymore than what was listed. The only extra money I see being doled out is fight of night, tapout of the night, etc.

    Notice after Jardine just won the biggest match of his life, he puts on a Hard Nutrition cap and says “Hard Nutrition, Hard Nutrition, Hard Nutrition”. That doesn’t sound like a guy who doesn’t need to worry about money this year. Like I said, it looks to me that he made 21 grand this year (plus sponsers, but after his managers cut and taxes, he isn’t coming home with much). That is public record that can be found anywhere. What you guys are stating are rumors and hearsay, it may be right, but I would want hard evidence before I start calling people “goofballs”. LOL

  • 1/2 million for chuck! Wow this guy is a true rockstar. But in all fairness, he brought in a lot of the ppv and ticket $.


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