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5 Oz. Exclusive: Former PRIDE V.P. Millen speaks out about UFC’s handling of possible Liddell vs. Silva match contacted former PRIDE USA V.P. Jerry Millen to get his reaction on Chuck Liddell’s recent unanimous decision loss to Keith Jardine at UFC 76, which potentially spoiled another shot at a long-awaited dreamatch between Liddell and former PRIDE middleweight champion Wanderlei Silva.

UFC president Dana White was critical of PRIDE management last year after a proposed match between Liddell and Silva fell through in large part because Silva suffered a devstating knockout loss to Mirko Cro Cop in September during PRDIE’s open weight Grand Prix.

Jerry_Millen_and_Frank_Trigg“Dana White is a hypocrite,” Millen stated exclusively to “He said that PRIDE blew the biggest match up in MMA history when we had Cro-Cop/Silva and Silva lost. In turn he had the opportunity to put Wanderlei against Chuck this past weekend, being Wanderlei was under UFC contract. Dana had the power to change the Liddell/Jardine match but chose not to. MMA fans wanted that fight and should have gotten it, but Dana — the self professed God OF MMA — decided to wait until December. Well, now what?”


Since Liddell’s loss there has been much speculation of his future from reports of possible retirement, to talk that he’s interested in fighting Mauricio “Shogun” Rua on Dec. 29 at UFC 79 in Las Vegas. If it was up to Millen, he’d still go ahead with the Silva vs. Liddell dreamatch.

“I think the fight should still happen,” he said. “People do want to see it. If it doesn’t happen in December, Dana White will have killed the most anticipated matchup in MMA to date. With both guys coming off of two loses in a row, the bulidup could be huge if Dana handles it right.”

Due to Millen’s past close affiliation to PRIDE and its former fighters, we decided to ask him if he had a theory as to why former PRIDE staples such as Cro Cop and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua have struggled since their UFC debuts.

It wasn’t an assessment Millen completely agreed with.

“First off, I want to state that I still believe (UFC light heavyweight champion) Quinton Jackson is a PRIDE fighter,” said Millen. “Quinton has improved as a fighter but in my heart, Quinton Jackson is still a PRIDE fighter. He came over to the UFC and he’s kicked some ass.”

In regard to Cro Cop, Millen believes that the different rules used by PRIDE and the UFC might have played a role in some of their subpar showings.

“I saw Cro Cop fight Eddie Sanchez live and while I think it could have been nerves, the transition from a cage to ring appeared to be an issue,” Millen said. “If you watch Cro Cop, in PRIDE he was real good at backing his opponents into corners. In the Octagon, he couldn’t corner Sanchez and had to chase him around.”

We also asked Millen for his thoughts as to whether Cro Cop should continue to fight.

“I’ve seen a lot of Cro Cop fights and the guy is a monster; I’ve seen him destroy people,” Millen responded. “God knows what’s happened? It goes back to the cage and the different rules. I read that he said he hadn’t trained for elbows and in the UFC they throw elbows — which is a whole different world. I also think he’s having a hard time finding his range with his left high kick.

“Do I think he’ll ever be the UFC heavyweight champion? No, but I do think Cro Cop has something left and that we’ll see highlights from him in the UFC because he was such a great fighter while with PRIDE.”

And, as for Shogun?

“I’m not really sure what happened with Shogun,” stated Millen. “Maybe nerves played a role? The Shogun I saw at UFC 76 was not the Shogun that I know. I just think there is a huge difference between the cage and the ring and we’re starting to see that.”

Not to be outdone, Millen couldn’t resist taking a parting shot at his former archnemesis.

“Sometimes I think Dana should go back to his past and schedule aerobics classes and let a professional handle the matchups, because he clearly needs some help!”

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  • Rashad #1 says:

    Maybe Millen should go back to business management school and not worry about what Dana is doing with HIS company

  • steve24 says:

    “Sometimes I think Dana should go back to his past and schedule aerobics classes and let a professional handle the matchups, because he clearly needs some help!”

    Ouch, low blow! But he does have a great point, Dec. 29th Chuck vs. Silva needs to happen. Both coming off 2 loses. It’s a perfect matchup, and winner will be right back in line for a title shot.

  • steve24 says:

    Sam, call up Dana and see what his response is. This should be pretty entertaining. Try to get audio on it.

  • Dr J says:

    Why are you even interviewing Jerry Gary Millen?? The guy is a joke

  • Erik says:

    Come on, Sam. Jerry Millen is a hack who knows nothing about MMA. Going to him for a “reaction” is just a transparent attempt to get a printable anti-Dana quote.

  • Evan says:

    I wondered when he would turn up. I figured he must have had a non disclosure agreement and Zuffa had paid off his contract to be rid of him. Apparently not.

  • Mr. Takedown says:

    Actually Erik the only reason we dialed up Millen for a reaction is b/c we needed an excuse to post that awesome pic of Trigg’s curly locks. Millen’s quotes are just gravy.

    Thanks for your concern!

  • SpiderSilva says:

    Oh wow, 5 oz. exclusive… Gary Millen . . . I’m so impressed

  • Millen appears to be trying to get his name in the news so that an MMA promotion will hire him. The childish exchanges between Jerry Millen and Dana White were pointless and immature last year when they were actually competitors, and are even more pointless now that one of them is just angling for a job somewhere.

  • Evan says:


    Thats an excellent point. Can’t think of how it would work but in his mind that may be what he’s thinking.

  • Cary says:

    …then Gary went back to work and served me my fries.

  • b0sH! says:

    Jerry Millen dribbling randomly about some1 who basically took his job and spat on his career grave. Even with all the Pride stars coming into UFC, Dana making Jerry Millen unemployed is still the greatest thing he’s done so far. Please no1 else gives this loser the time of day, he’s worse than a reality TV star and should just be forgotten.

  • bubbafat says:

    Is it Gary or Jerry. Even he can’t make up his mind. The guy was a joke for Pride and he’s a joke now. He’s 2 and zero now , heh heh …

    I can’t believe you gave this guy the time of day Sam. I’d rather hear about what Sakakibara has to say than this douche. I’m behind Bas and Mauro on this one 100%.

  • Gygax says:

    Please don’t give this guy any more press whatsoever. All the talk about how he knew everything and that Pride would never be sold blew up in his plastic face. I beg that we never hear from the guy ever again in MMA circles. I’m sorry Sam, but giving this guy any press at all is a mistake IMO. No one cares what he thinks.

  • Jake says:

    Sam, please! For the love of GOD, do not feel this troll anymore. He’s just a big festering lesion on the ass of MMA. Who the hell care what this douche thinks? As if Jerry Millen’s opinion means Jack Sh*t anymore.

  • Joey says:

    I think everyone should stop worrying about what should be or should have been done (Chuck/Vandy) and Dana needs to focus on what needs to be done. Chuck and Mirko both need a win bad, some people say Mirko should cut to Lt. Heavy. I say make him cut and fight Chuck, Dana will at least save one of their careers, the hardcore fans would love it (I think), and the newer fans will definately watch it.

  • Thomas says:

    For one I think he makes a great point! and maybe he did get bought out and his non-compete is up. I would love to hear his side of things, being that we’ve only received one side. Don’t be sheep and follow what others say. there is ALWAYS 2 sides to a story. We need to know everything from the inside of PRIDE and I think Jerry can give it to us…. C’mon Sam make it happen!

  • seb says:

    I’m glad to see that most commentators had the same reaction I had: Why the hell would anyone want the reaction of Gary Millen?

  • John Stone says:

    After reading the article i have to say one thing…eh Jerry, Gary whatever, who the heck are you?, you should just shut your bloody mouth and dont tell the man how to run his companny. Obviously Dana White wanted Chuck to win over Jardine at UFC 76 to build up hype for the long awaited match between the Axe Murderer and The Iceman, but the hype is already natural, since many fans including myself have long awaited this dream match and in a couple of months it could happen. One point i would be in accord with Miller is that obviously the Ring cage tansition is affecting the former Pride Fighters and it can be seen through Shogun and Cro-Cop, i seriously believe that Cro-Cop should go down to the light heavy division and try some new competition. As for Shogun….Dude you need some serious Cardio Workout, you should leave Chute Box Camp and come to the US to train with Extreme Couture, everything that Randy touches becomes Gold, look at Forrest and Tyson. Cause like Forrest said at the post-fight interview with Joe, “Fatigue is a Bitch”.

  • Jordan says:

    I think the biggest difference is not between the ring and the cage for Cro Cop & Shogun but rather the fact that they can not kick in the head while on the ground! Most big wins in Pride came from kicks to the head while the opponent was on the ground, without the rule in the UFC those two are not as affective!

  • Danny says:

    The Ring in MMA is worthless.I saw a kid in the IFL in a choke fall through the ropes on purpose to get out of that choke.Wimpy move.

  • ck556 says:

    If Jerry is so smart and has all of this wisdom why did Pride go away?

  • Sam Caplan says:


    I think that question would be better directed at Sakikabara than Jerry Millen.

  • […] 5oz skontaktowa?o si? z by?ym vice prezydentem Pride USA, Jerry’m Millenem, aby us?ysze? jego reakcj? na ostatni? pora?k? Liddella. Pora?ka ta skomplikowa?a spraw? walki Liddell vs. Silva. Dana White nie pa?a mi?o?ci? do managementu Pride, a najbardziej znienawidzon? przez niego osob? by? w?a?nie Jerry Millen. Kiedy Pride, b?d?c jeszcze w posiadaniu DSE zaproponowa?o walke Silva vs. Liddell, Dana odrzuci? t? propozycj?, ze wzgl?du na “totaln? pora?k? przez KO w walce z Mirko Filipovicem na Pride OWGP”. […]

  • RickyRonda says:

    prideFC used to be the premier real MMA fans temple.. dana’s arrogance and globalistic-monopolistic ways has hurt MMA fighters and fans in my opinion. as an MMA ex-practitioner, japan rules, to my understanding, were best for MMA.

    it is very evident that the UFC’s direction is a circus/tv like WWF & boxing spectacle tailored for mainstream americans. that is why i think UFC’s move to swallow pride set back the MMA scene.

    where’s fedor ?

  • Rictor says:

    Yup. Very good point of view. Dana “Big Ego” White sights don’t reach further than his nose. He thinks he is the best, UFC is the best. No bigger bullshit. Pride was the true MMA heart. The thing that this company is now dead is very sad. But Japanese are smart people and they don’t want to make a TV deal with White for american Pride. They have their own K1 Hero’s which will soon become Pride successor. And with K1 as the top kickboxing organisation in the world they simply would break into Asian and European market and with that handicap they wouldn’t even bother in the US cause the money will be more bigger than UFCs. That is. UFC never was the best so the only thing they could do was to get rid of the competition. They purchase Pride, exact same situation as WWF did with WCW and ECW, and ruined it, WWF WWF WWF… And the best proof for UFCs inferior is that the Top 10 fighters in the world in their class such as Fedor, Josh Barnett, Sokoudjou, Arona, Kang, Shinya Aoki, Takanori Gomi or Joachim Hansen would rather sign with K1 or sit out until their deals with Pride expire and then negotiate with competition.


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