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UFC 78 fight card — UPDATED

Here’s the latest on the UFC 78 card:

  • Michael Bisping vs. Rashad Evans
  • Houston Alexander vs. Thiago Silva
  • Karo Parisyan vs. Hector Lombard
  • Frank Edgar vs. Spencer Fisher
  • Ed Herman vs. Dave Terrell
  • Joe Lauzon vs. Jason Reinhardt
  • Tamdan McCrory vs. Akihiro Gono

We’ll keep updating as fights get signed…

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  • this card sucks says:

    card sucks

  • Yuri says:

    I thought they changed it to Tito vs Hendo on this one?

  • Fedor says:

    No shit. thought about going out to see it live since I live in NY but this card sucks ass. Tito is done in the MMA game.

  • Mike Caliendo says:

    wonderful! I’ve been watching UFC since the very beginning. I live in NY and have been waiting for it to come to NJ again, but now I won’t even consider looking for tickets. This is one of the worst cards i’ve seen in a while and it figures that its the NJ card. Give Las vegas a shitty card for once. This is dicouraging! And with all the new fighter s they’ve signed, this is the best they could do? Shame on you Dana White

  • Oz Mafioso says:

    If you honestly think this card sucks, then you don’t know shit about MMA. I can’t wait for this one…

  • Morus says:

    This card is really good like Mafioso said but i would be happy with a huge main event instead of evans and tito 2.

  • george malkmus says:

    I think the card is ok. I’m a fan of Lauzon, Parisyan, and a few others. However, I’d like to see Evans get awarded what he deserves: the win over Ortiz. I do wish there were a couple more barnburners that would get put on the card…I’d like to see Liddell and Henderson at some point. Where’s Joe Riggs?

  • Wick says:

    This is a good card full of exciting fights, but the people want to see their favs, so I see what yall are saying… I think it should be a mix, we want to make more people known more, but have 2-3 bigger names on the card.

  • tommy says:

    I have read all the information that I can find regarding the ortz vs evans II and it all seems point to a UFC 78 matchup, however is taking bets on the fight for UFC 77. I was wondering if anyone had any input on this.

  • sandor says:

    With all the new talent joining the UFC, how about throwing us a bone. I think Dana is waiting to see how erly ticket sales go and if the tickets sell the main event wlil be a low budget. If they need tickets they’ll move up Vanderllei or somebody that we’ll pay to see.

    Unfortunately Dana White thinks like Steve job, its about money in his pocket not what the customer always wants.

  • firthy says:

    shud have had bj penn on!

  • Chris N says:

    I am livid about this… with the recent acquisition of all these world fighters, combined with the fact that they give the east coast an event once a blue moon, this is the most pathetic card I’ve ever seen. I’ve been an avid watcher for years and have only heard of half of the fighters in this lineup. They had better beef this card up. The only way I’d go is if it’s Hendo vs Rashad. God, I’m so pissed at Dana White right now.

  • Chris N says:

    Tommy, I also saw on Bodog that they are taking bets on Ortiz/Evans for UFC 77. But the card for UFC 77 is already set… Not too sure what this is all about… Maybe Bodog/Sportsbook know something we don’t.

  • Mirko'sStillTheBest says:

    you dumbasses. the UFC only signs the best fighters… they are, literally, the “best in the business”. Tito, Evans, Lauzon, Herman, Parisyan, Fisher… they’re all worth watching. Tito’s washed up? not true… and he’ll always be fun to watch. Lauzon’s one of the best up and coming fighters in the game… he trains with BJ Penn, what do you expect? great card, and you’re wrong if you think otherwise.

  • JerzyBum says:

    I’m from NJ and got tickets asap. I do feel kinda ripped off due to no “super star names” but I’m aware of these fighters and look forward to seeing them fight. There should be a big name in the main event though. About tito, its hard to say about his career hes dropped off significantly excluding the shamrock fights. Still worth watching him fight win or lose. And the best of all the UFC event is in a new arena that I wanna take a dump in!

  • Max says:

    I tihnk it is a good card, but do think they need to ad one more match as the true headline. Wanderlei would be good, but I think he won’t be until December. BJ Penn or having Hederson fight someone would step up the main card and make it what it should be. I want to see Biping destroy evens though. I heard there was a chance of Andrei Arlovski vs. Brandon Vera, which would defnietly be a nice main card to top it off.

  • Johnny says:

    The card definitely could have been better for 78. Thats not to say that the fighters they have are in anyway bad. Every UFC should have at least one headliner. For what they pay these guys they could easily assemble a killer card. This card at 39.99 is at best just ok. I won’t be ordering this one. I’ll be waiting for the one in December.


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