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5 Oz. Exclusive: IFL to announce plans for live TV

The IFL has called a press conference for tomorrow at 4 p.m. ET to make several announcements. has learned that one of those announcements will be pertaining to a TV deal to broadcast IFL events live.

Also, the IFL cut several fighters with poor records from this past season and the league will be looking for replacements. This site has also learned that the IFL will be teaming with LA Boxing and holding open tryouts in three cities this October in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. So if you’re a fighter looking for a steady gig, hit the gym and get ready to buy a plane ticket.

So let’s see… a live TV deal and the addition of Jay Larkin president? A lot of people keep telling me the IFL is going to fold but it sounds like they still have plenty of life left.

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  • A live TV deal is what the IFL needs to thrive (and perhaps a cage) but it’s a big step in the right direction.

  • garth says:

    as long as it’s not on ION of some weird Judge Judy-dominated channel it’ll be cool. Live MMA on tv rules.

  • bubbafat says:

    please, no cage. I enjoy the differences. MMA should not be defined by a cage. I’d like to see some MMA on those WCL(Chuck Norris’ gig)mats. The point is I like the choice. Don’t fall under D.W.’s spell man.

  • Adam says:

    The cage is good in the context of the fight.

    The ring, however, is much better for viewing when you’re watching live.

  • I think the ring kills a lot of momentum fighters can gain in fights. When they go through the ropes they get restarted standing making it similar to pro wrestling because if they can get to the edge the fight is stopped and restarted.

    The ring is better for viewing but I think rings are better left to boxing where a cage wouldn’t matter where in MMA the cage can be used to clinch on, move on the ground, etc.

    Not a big deal as I don’t mind the ring but I think cages tend to be better suited to MMA.

  • […] the end of the show, however, for the championship ring ceremony (which came off completely flat). Sam Caplan seems optimistic for the IFL, although I’d rather let the financials do the […]

  • DarthMolen says:

    I like the ring and the difference it brings. 1 person went through the ropes twice at the championships and that was it. I saw maybe 2 restarts due to the ropes?

    It ain’t that big of deal. You can see the fighters adjusting to the different tactical situation mid-fight as they get closer to the ropes. It doesn’t slow the action down.

    Cage or ring, it doesn’t matter to me but saying the cage is better than the ring is a little fool hardy IMHO.

  • Accomando says:


    The IFL had to do this.

    I must say, the Finals took place on Thursday, yet they had the show ready by Monday. That wasn’t so bad, because it was within a week of the fights taking place.

    With that said, LIVE fights will be the IFL’s ticket to a popularity explosion.

    They need to differentiate themselves and have like Wednesday Night Fights or something, just a certain day of the week to set themselves apart.

    The key is live fights on a weekday night, and I think the IFL will get a surge in popularity.

  • LR says:

    I find it odd that they haven’t been doing any type of PPV events or Live events. Squeezing the IFL Finals into a hour long cut and scripted show was horrible. Some of the fights were very good, I’m surprised they don’t market the IFL more.

  • Accomando says:

    In regards to the finals, Bart didn’t tap.

    He is not injured, and he will be fighting on Nov. 3.

    Also, the ref, Jorge “Siesta” Alonso, wouldn’t have stopped that fight if Bart didn’t get kicked in the eye which caused Bart to stop fighting & made it appear that the armbar had injured him, that is the only reason why the ref stepped in.

    Of all the fighters I have seen, if you watch Palaeszewski fight, it looks like Bart gets punched and hit a lot, yet his face is never any worse for the wear. (Perfect example: the Shultz fight)

    That is because Bart doesn’t get hit. Watch his fights, he turns his head with every punch thrown at him, negating any power or damage from each punch.

    I know people who train with him, they say its like fighting a ghost, you can’t hit him.

    Looking forward to Bart KO’ing Horodecki live and in person at Hoffman Estates in November.

  • Rings suck for MMA and put the fighters at risk. It also kills momentum when you have to scoot guys around. I will second the point that it would be cool to see MMA on an open mat, but the cage is necessary for the safety of the fighters.

    IFL on HDNet? According to Cuban on HDNet Fights conference he’s been in talks with them.

    The production values on Battleground are fucking atrocious and the show makes no fucking sense. It’s hard to keep track of the fights between all the bullshit they cram around them.


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