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UFC 76: Post-show thoughts on Jardine and Griffin upsets and more

I don’t know where to begin.

But let’s begin with Liddell vs. Jardine:

Remember when I said they should have canceled the match? A lot of you said I was crazy. Remember when I said this was a legit main event caliber match? A lot of you said I was full of it. Well, I have to eat crow when I make bold picks like Koscheck over GSP that don’t pan out and I have to own up to it but there are a lot of you that need to own up to your reaction to my comments.

Liddell simply fought a poor tactical fight. I’m sure he prepared. He just didn’t prepare for Keith Jardine specifically. The fact that at this stage of the game he doesn’t know how to defend leg kicks is a joke. And did John Hackleman really tell Liddell not to worry about the kicks? Not only were they hurting Liddell’s mobility and limiting his punching power, Jardine was scoring points with them. Liddell wasn’t answering them and taking the points back. That’s one of the first things I learned in Muay Thai class: someone scores points on you, answer back and neutralize the scoring.

I’m a crappy wanna-be MMA fighter and even I can defend kicks better than Liddell. Did he check more than one kick? And the kicks became predictable. Why didn’t he try and catch some of those kicks and pull Jardine in close and pop him on the chin? Or even catch him and sweep him and put him on his back and ground and pound him?

It just seemed like Jardine really started to get confident in round two. He was inviting Liddell to walk into him and engage because he had the reach advantage and almost every time Liddell tried to advance Jardine greeted him with a left jab, a left hook, a teep, or a cut kick. I mean, who the hell throws a Muay Thai teep in an MMA match as much as Jardine did tonight? You don’t see teeps happen in MMA all too often because a fighter can catch them and put a guy on his ass. But since Liddell had no kick defense Jardine could do whatever he wanted.

Liddell lost the match because he had a crappy game plan. Plain and simple. Looking at my notes here, I scored every round 10-9 for Jardine. That’s right, I even felt Jardine won the first round.

And why was Wanderlei clapping after round two? He should have ran his ass down to cageside and screamed at Liddell to get his shit together because he was going to cost him millions. This match never should have happened. You know, Dana ripped Pride last year for blowing the Liddell vs. Silva match when Cro Cop “murdered the axe murderer” so what’s his explanation for this?

You know what? Fuck it. Dana, please book Chuck vs. Wanderlei for UFC 79 on Dec. 29 anyway. With a strong undercard with matches like Serra vs. Hughes and Penn vs. Stevenson, I think you can get away with it. To try and spot Wanderlei or Liddell with wins would risk further putting their careers into the abyss unless you want to give Liddell a total slam dunk and book him against someone like Alessio Sakara.

When I was on with Steve Cofield tonight on ESPN 920 in Vegas he made a point that it might not be fair to match Liddell vs. Silva up in December when Jardine and Griffin are more worthy of facing Wanderlei. Well, Steve is right but I’m just a hopeless fanboy who has been dying to see Silva vs. Liddell for five years now. The two aren’t getting any younger. To wait any longer would jeopardize us never having gotten to see the two fight. Really, you could match Jardine or Forrest Griffin up vs. Wanderlei but what happens if one of them beat him?

Let’s move onto Forrest Griffin vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua:

Sorry, but I am going to talk more smack. I’ve got some haters on the Junkie comments area who always rip me whenever I write an article and give me crap for my Koscheck vs. GSP prediction. Well, I told everyone that Griffin was going to make this a closer fight than most people were anticipating. Some of you agreed while others slagged on me. I got some pretty nasty e-mails based on my preview of the fight. Well, where are you haters now? Man, I just wish I had had the balls to to man up and go all the way and predict the upset.

Forrest is just a smarter fighter now. He’s had good offensive boxing skills from day one and now he has good defensive boxing skills. He’s also not too shabby on the ground. Having a tactician like Randy Couture as your head trainer is invaluable. They had the perfect gameplan and they executed it perfectly.

Also, am I the only one sick of people using the different rules excuse for the reason why so many Pride fighters have struggled in the UFC? I’m all about what Rampage says in his belief that’s a fight is a fight. Are the rules different? Of course. Do some adjustments need to be made? Sure. But the difference between fighting in Pride and UFC is way overblown. People act like it’s two separate sports. It’s not like someone is crossing over from boxing to wrestling. It’s all MMA. I’ve fought in a ring and a cage and sure there are some differences but a fight is a fight.

Why do I think some Pride guys have struggled? Maybe the lifestyle change. How much time did Cro Cop and Shogun spend in Japan before their fights? It was a long ass commute so they pretty much hunkered down at their respective camps in Croatia and Brazil. Then they come to the U.S. and the expectations are different. Cro Cop doesn’t spend much time stateside but he seemed a bit thrown off by the media coverage and the fan response. In Japan, he could kind of do whatever he wanted and wasn’t under constant scrutiny and there was less pressure. Was Sakikabara ever critical of his performances like Dana has been at times?

As for Shogun, we saw his brother gas out vs. Robbie Lawler last Saturday and we saw him gas tonight vs. Forrest. The Ruas claim they are still with Chute Boxe but from what I hear they are spending a lot of time in LA. Maybe too much time.

Also, what the hell is Shogun doing getting married two weeks before his UFC debut? Maybe I’m talking out of my ass here because for all I know is he could have trained the morning of his wedding, had the ceremony, and then trained later that night. Somehow I doubt that though. If I got married to a Victoria’s Secret model I don’t think I’d be spending my wedding night in the gym.

Jon Fitch vs. Diego Sanchez:

This match went exactly how I and a lot of other people expected. I just muffed the prediction. Sanchez was the better grappler but Fitch was the better wrestler. We all knew this. Diego tried to catch Fitch in submissions but couldn’t seal the deal. Fitch was the stronger fighter and his strength is deceptive in my opinion. He was really able to control Diego most of the match.

I don’t think there are any excuses for Diego though. I believe the change in camp helped. I believe he wasn’t lying to me when he said he had given up the party lifestyle and was refocused. We saw the old warrior spirit from Diego right out of the gate when he bum rushed Fitch as soon as the match started. He wasn’t the same guy who fought Koscheck. Diego simply got beat by a better fighter. Fitch is the real deal and is the third best welterweight fighter in the UFC right now behind GSP and Matt Hughes. If you disagree, you’re entitled to your opinion but your opinion is wrong.

Sanchez may have made a tactical error though. Despite being the better submission guy, maybe exerting so much energy trying to take Fitch down wasn’t a great idea in hindsight. I think maybe he should have tried to keep the fight on the feet more and work the standup. If Fitch has a weakness, it’s his standup so why not make that the area that you’re going to attack? Perhaps Diego could have stolen a round or two.

I had this fight 10-9, 10-9, 10-9 for Fitch. The third round was a little closer than the first two but Fitch really controlled Sanchez on the ground even though he didn’t do a lot of damage. I’m pretty sure the scoring will come into question here for this one. My take is that yes, Fitch didn’t do a lot of damage and Diego had more submission attempts. But Fitch controlled the majority of the match and how much damage did Diego do with his submissions when Fitch kept getting out of trouble? Doesn’t he deserve some points for submission defense? How many points should you get for a submission attempt if your opponent neutralizes it?

I think the best thing for Sanchez might be a move back to headlining UFC Fight Nights for now and let him work his way back to PPV since he’s coming off two losses.

Lyoto Machida vs. Kazuhiro Nakamura:

I’d like to issue a public apology to Spike TV.

A few months back I ripped Spike for promoting a Machida match and then editing it off the telecast. Now I know why you guys did it and I just wanted to say thanks.

Look, Machida is a hell of a fighter and he belongs in the UFC based on the merit of his abilities. But that doesn’t mean it still isn’t painful to watch the guy fight.

Can I be real with you all for a second without you guys jumping down my throat?

I actually nodded out during the last two minutes of round three and missed the entire Sanchez vs. Fitch fight. Luckily, I magically woke up right before Forrest vs. Shogun. And I was also luckily able to find a copy of the Diego vs. Fitch fight online so I could watch it and be able to comment on it.

Seriously, who needs Ambien when you have Machida? Doctors should prescribe DVDs of his matches to their patients who suffer from insomnia.

I feel bad for making those smart ass comments about the guy because I wish I could be a quarter of the fighter he is and I definitely believe he deserves to be in the UFC. I just have no desire to watch him.

Oh yeah, remember when I said on Luke Thomas’ “Any Given Saturday” show this week that they should move Machida to 185 lbs.? Can we forget I said that? Because what’s the point? He could cut to 185 and he’s still going to be boring. He could cut to featherweight and he’d still be boring. He’s just is who he is and he has an effective fighting style that just doesn’t happen to be crowd pleasing to most people.

The issue is that the UFC will never let him touch one of their elite fighters because there’s a good chance he might beat one of them and then what do you do with him? If you allow him to elevate himself into high-profile matches you’re going to see a very boring guy hurt the credibility of marketable fighters.

BTW, I gave all three rounds to Machida 10-9.

Thiago Tavares vs. Tyson Griffin:

Normally I am a big defender of Mike Goldberg but when he suggested Griffin should take the fight to the ground, I cringed. I think he’s a strong announcer who gets a bad wrap. I just think instead of making statements he should phrase more questions to Joe Rogan. He already defers to Rogan a lot, but I’m saying he should do it even more. Maybe not as much as Todd Harris of the WEC in what he does with Frank Mir, but I think you get the drift.

Speaking of the WEC, this reminded me of a WEC match. Frenetic ground fighting with a lot of transitions and momentum changes.

Both Tavares and Griffin are tremendous fighters and this easily deserved match of the night honors. All Tyson Griffin, Spencer Fisher, and Clay Guida do is put on great fights. These guys should be rock stars and I hope Dana is hooking them all up with nice bonuses.

I really liked the spot where Griffin flipped Tavares off his back and into side control and then there was another awesome transition in round 3. The live crowd reacted to it really nicely. See, I think MMA fans do appreciate ground fighting — so long as there is action. Fans boo the standup too sometimes if guys aren’t doing anything. It’s not a ground vs. standup issue. It’s an action vs. inaction issue.

One other thing I liked was the corner audio for this fight. They had some audio for a few of the other fights but it was not mic’d properly. I love how HBO gets the between round audio for boxing and I think all MMA shows need to follow suit. It gives you insight into adjustments that might be made and you can kind of tell who has a strong corner and who doesn’t. To be honest, I think you or I could give better strategic advice then some of these corners in MMA. But it seemed like Griffin’s corner did a good job. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have Randy Couture as one of your corner guys but I was more impressed with what Jay Hieron was saying.

I scored the fight 10-9 Griffin in the first, 9-10 Tavares in the second, and 10-9 Griffin in the third.

General Comments:

On a scale of 1-10, I give this show a nine. Did I want to see Shogun and Liddell win? Yeah. But the fights were both good and I enjoyed the drama of the upsets. Especially Griffin’s reaction after the fight. I also will always have a lasting memory of Liddell slouching down against the cage in disbelief after the decision was announced. Did anyone else see that too?

Bottom line, I thoroughly enjoyed this show and felt I got more than my money’s worth.

I also loved Mayhem clowning it up whenever they cut to Wanderlei. Does that dude know how to market himself or what? You know Zuffa couldn’t have been happy with that. He’s got one fight left on his WEC contract and if they don’t sign him to a UFC deal my prediction is that he’ll make his way to EliteXC. Hell, he’s already at their offices whenever he does stuff for I know for a fact that Zuffa is really unhappy about that but Mayhem has got to pay the bills. Pro Elite is trying to make this guy a star and they don’t even have him under contract. Why isn’t Zuffa doing the same thing when they are the ones who have him?

A couple of other notes:

What was Dave Doyle doing working security tonight inside the Octagon tonight? I’m just kidding. But that dude was a ringer for Dave.

I should have some audio here later of an appearance I did with Steve Cofield on ESPN 920 in Las Vegas (weird, I was on ESPN 920 in Philadelphia this morning and then another ESPN 920 in Vegas at night… but I guess most of you could care less about that useless bit of info. I was pretty heated.

Tomorrow I’m going to start a new column called “What’s Next.” Basically, I am going to analyze the repercussions of the outcome of all the fights last night and give my thoughts on where I think each fighter should go from here.

Also, please remember to keep checking back for the Inside the Cage Radio show that we taped earlier today with Kenny Florian, Ricco Rodriguez, and Joe Riggs. I can’t say enough about how awesome the show went.

Please feel free to leave all your post UFC 76 comments here and be sure to praise me for saying that Liddell vs. Jardine is a fight that never should have happened.

  • Screwface says:

    this was another night in bizarro land for ufc, a night of upsets if you ask me. i was wrong on all my picks once again proving that anything can happen in the ufc. pleasantly surprised tho, good fights. but i will say this, i really think diego was robbed of the decision and peeples once again scored this like an idiot. i guess escaping multiple close submission attempts for 3 rounds makes u a winner nowadays. also who was the idiot judge who scored all 3 rounds for liddell. jardine owned chuck surprising me for all 3 and i thought it was more than obvious. split decision my ass.

  • Davey D says:

    Sam: I agree with you that Chuck vs. Wand still needs to happen. With two possible Title fights going down (1 fo’ show) at UFC 79. It need’s to, it has to. Now or never.

    KJ vs. CL didn’t need to happen. Your right. But, Chuck wanted to fight asap and who can blame him after what happened against Page. Keith was game and stepped up to plate. They’re top level fighter’s and that’s what they do. Look at Forrest.

    If Chuck can’t fight against Wand then they should match him against Mirko Cro-Cop. That fight would be a HUGE DRAW! Furthermore, I think Chuck should move to HW. At this point, don’t you think it would be better for him?

    Mayhem Miller – how bout’ that gold chain too, huh? The “Mayhem” four finger ring was classy too. I’ll tell ya what. Since they let Denis Kang get away, they better sign Jason back to the UFC. He knows how light up a room. Isn’t he coming out wearing a 3 piece suit and tossing 1 dollar bills out into the crowd nowadays? That shit would be funny as hell. One thing, he’s a 185er and train’s with Hendo. We (well, me) all want Dan to fight the winner of Franklin/Silva II so that could be a probelm. I guess only time will tell us what’s what.

    P.S. – if you want to respond. Please do it here and not via e-mail. Thanks. Cheers!

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  • Accomando says:

    Caplan, first of all, the KOS/GSP fight wasn’t a bad prediction. GSP looked like shit, and Kos won 1 round.

    Second of all, Sho-Gun, really looked like shit. He had nothing for Forrest, exceptfor 1 good elbow. WTF. I watched the UFC 76 Countdown Show, Sho-Gun looked flabby and weak, and we can only speculate why, but I have my suspicions.

    Reminds me of how guys like Luis Gonzalez came up with a 50 homerun season out of now here.

    Seriously, I wish someone would photo-shop a picture of Sho-gun before the Forrest fight and a picture of Sho-Gun before his fight with Nogiera, just to see the difference.

    PRIDE didn’t drug test right? Look to MLB to see how good that worked out for them. When there are no rules against roids, like it was in PRIDE, then it isn’t cheating.

    Seriously, since MLB got serious about drug testing, homeruns are down across the board. PRIDE never got serious about drug testing.

    The users are seeing that they had inflated perormances, like Luis Gonzalez did in baseball when he hit 50 homeruns.

  • Accomando says:

    As for Liddell vs. Silva, it will still happen.

    Both, are now coming off back to back devastating losses.

    Retirement match anyone???????

  • Zack says:

    What a great night.

    MMA has reached the point where game plan means everything. That’s why Forrest won; that’s why Jardine won; that’s why Randy keeps winning.

    All the trashing of TUFers was misguided. It’s not like TUF was about regular people learning to be fighters. These were up and coming fighters that took an opportunity to focus on training with top coaches – there just happened to be cameras there.

    PRIDE. The buzz seems to be that they were all juiced and that’s why they’ve struggled in the regulated US. I’m not sure. I also like what Rogan said – the UFC fighters seem so much bigger than the PRIDE guys, as if the UFC guys know how to cut weight better. Machida looked huge next to Nakamura and Forrest looked much bigger than Shogun.

    I’ve learned to love to watch fighting itself; not organizations, or individuals, or fighters from certain camps. As long as the fight is great, who cares who wins?

  • robnashville says:

    The Machida fight was kinda boring, but he was at least trying to push the action, the biggest snoozer fight for me was Fitch-Diego. Fitch just did nothing at all to push the action, typical wrestler mentality of get some riding time, keep dominant position and get to the pay window. There is a reason all of these wrestler’s have to take up MMA, it is because that mentality was box office poison to the ticket buying public. The only times the match even remotely raised my interest were when Diego was trying to work a sub. How you found the fitch match any more interesting than the Lyoto-Nak fight is head scratching.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Wait, who do you want to fight Wanderlei Silva?

    It sounds like you’re proposing a mirror match.

  • Jeremy says:

    Absolutely fantastic night of fights, I thoroughly enjoyed it all. Ok, onto my thoughts and my thoughts on Sam’s thoughts!

    Liddell vs. Jardine
    – I still understand your point Sam about not having this fight, I still don’t agree with it though. They can still easily do the Silva-Liddell match. Is it as perfect a matchup as it could have been, certainly no. But it wasn’t going to be that regardless of Liddell’s performance tonight. Silva is still coming off 2 loses and no longer has a belt. Now Chuck is at the same level. Personally I don’t care any more I just want this fight, it will never live up to the expectations or hopes, but we have to have the fight and I really don’t want to wait around for it any more.

    Rua vs. Griffin
    – I think alot of people(myself included) saw Shogun coming up to this fight and not looking as in good a shape as he has been in the past. I actually predicted Griffin would win this fight mainly based on how I thought Shogun looked. The marriage thing wasn’t even in my thinking. He just didn’t look physically right to me and I thought he might gas or just not be as aggressive as usual. Therefore I thought Forrest might be able to press his pace and get a decision, the choke out just made it sweeter for Griffin.

    I know these Pride fighters are great fighters and deserve all the recognition they have gotten. But the UFC is different than Pride(for whatever reason you want to come up with) and it doesn’t seem like many of them have made the adjustment properly to fighting in the UFC. It really looks and feels like they think everything will be the same for them. They come in and do what they do and win. Well it’s not that way, the fighters already in the UFC are really game planning well and have very diversified games. I really feel they need to bring their camps or move to camps here in the U.S. and train with and live in the environment they are going to be fighting in. I actually think it will be very interesting to see how Wanderlei Silva does in his debut because I actually think he is doing things right by moving to the states and training here and at times with XtremeCouture.

    Fitch vs. Sanchez
    – It was a good fight and certainly didn’t really surprise me in any way. I liked what I saw from both fighters Fitch just one the fight. It seemed like his wrestling and strength was just too much for Diego on the night. I don’t think Diego needs to move down to lightweight. There is no shame in losing his last two fights and with as stacked as the welterweight division is you are going to lose fights.

    Machida vs. Nakamura
    – Not much to add here, besides the fact that Machida was actually more aggressive and it was still semi-boring. They need to keep feeding him fights and hope he explodes one day.

    Tavares vs. Griffin
    – I really thought Thiago won this fight. I gave it to him 29-28 winning the second and third rounds. Tremendous fight overall and I can’t wait to see these two again. With Huerta, Guida, Griffin, Tavares, Lauzon, Florian, and so on and so on…….the lightweight divison is just sick with young talent and they put on the best fights.

  • demonianray says:

    Damn! Sam Caplan and everybody who criticiza Machida. I loved that fight and i still keep sayin that everyone who says that Machida’s fight was boring isnt a real fan. Ive seen real boring fights (Kos-Diego), Jordan-Gonzaga) THOSE ARE BORING…but damn u all who present themselves as fans or wanna be fighter….goddamn learn to appreciate the sport, i loved all the ppv matches they were all entertaining to me. It was a technical fight, technical fights are not boring to me, boring fights equal two fighters who dont engage, dont shoot, hesitate, and are too tentative….I didnt see that on the Machida fight, Sam better learn how to appeciate the sport and I dont care what u answer or what ur opinion is bit ur OPINION IS WRONG.

  • Brad says:

    I enjoyed the Machida fight. Was it a barn burner? No but Machida is amazing to watch. Nakamura is no joke and has fought alot of tough guys but Machida flat out made Nakamura look bad. Machida will never be any type of flashy fighter but I don’t see how people don’t enjoy the pure skill the guy has. I think Machida tried his best to finish the fight but Nakamura is just a tough guy to finish.

    On a side note, something that really bugged me last night was when Joe Rogan said something about how wierd the Japanese are for what they find entertaining. Sure seeing a guy walk to the cage with an umbrella doesn’t really jingle my jollies but if the UFC truly wants to go international than why not embrace people like Nakamura who are attractive to a different audience? We Americans like to think everything is all about us and that only what entertains us matters (I guess this also kind of ties in with people not liking Machida’s style). Look at Genki Sudo, he was huge in Japan because of his crazy entrances and things he did during fights, if the UFC had some guys like him than it could really help attract the Japanese audience and possibly get the UFC to eventually return to Japan for a PPV.

  • E says:

    Sorry demonianray, but what part of Nakamura gassing and falling on his ass (isn’t this guy supposed to be phenomenal at judo) is technical? The match was mildly entertaining, but it was mostly because Nakamura just looked so pathetic for 90% of each round (he did land a few decent shots, but most of the time it seemed like he was falling down after weakly attempting a throw).

  • I’m glad shogun and ladell lost better luck next time.

  • I want a showdown with ladell in Newberry S.C., at the National Guard Army on Oct. 13 2007 time 7:00 p.m. est. Bring all your boys and I’ll have mine.

  • demonianray says:

    E#11… i meant it was a technical fight overall for Machida, but at least u agree that the fight was at least mildly entertaining. Machida tried to finish twice, so people just cant go and go in a rant, cause the guy tried, and if u look up to Nakamura’s record the guy is hard to finish. Machida fought a great fight and i just hope that next time he finishes so he can shut up all the senseless haters. And yes Nakamura did gas, but Machida had great counters to his judo and clinch, and if im not mistaken judo utilizes the opponent’s weight to make a throw, so he could have done it, but Machida was a much better fighter and technician than Kazuhiro.

  • Dan Cruickshank says:

    A small error in the writing.

    “You know what? Fuck it. Dana, please book Silva vs. Wanderlei for UFC 79 on Dec. 29”

    That’s not like a Street Fighter 2 mirror match where it’s the fighter fighting himself, just in different clothes, is it? :)

    Just a heads up. -Love- your website.

  • Jumpman says:

    Machida fights beautifully. I love to watch him. I do not understand how a true fight fan can find him to be boring. He moves like a ballet dancer and strikes like a rattlesnake (no, I’m not trying to paraphrase Ali here, that just came out that way naturally). He’s also one of the very few MMA fighters that incorporate Karate heavily into their striking game, which makes his style somewhat unique. Right now he’s probably as deserving as anyone in the division of a title shot. Knockouts aren’t everything…

  • demonianray says:

    Amen to that #17 Jumpman

  • shogun is not just in good physical condition,,even in the first round he didnt fight his usual style,,in the 2nd and 3rd round even tough he is too tired he doesnt have trouble taking down forest, and if you say that forest will do it against a well conditioned shogun, think again,,i am not impresed with grifins win,,and you cant say either that ufc fighter are better than pride fighter,its just that ufc fighter where more popular beacause most of the fight are in u.s,,,

  • its a blessing in disguise for rua,, i hope the next time he fight in the ufc he will be more motivated and well conditioned,,rua can beat anyone at ufc,,liddel?jardine?ortiz?jackson?machida?,,if you look at his fight with quinton, he is physically stronger than jackson,,,,that lost meant nothing,,its not a humiliating lost,if you know shogun enough you know it is not him that night,,,i also like forrest, he will fight anybody,but dont have the natural skills

  • matt says:

    I also believe that an in shape Shogun is better than an in shape griffin.
    But I dont want to take anything away from Griffin – because he is a good fighter
    (just no at the same level as Shogun). I think as someone who trains in Muay Thai – that I can appreciate HOW MUCH of an advantage being in excellent shape is. So remember guys – if you have to fight someone better skilled than you – just make sure you give it all in your pre-fight conditioning….you just might win – by outlasting your apponent.

    Thats all ill say about the griffin shogun fight – its something to learn from.

  • artelus says:

    I like Machida. Some people do not like his style, but I am sure everyone can admit that he is very technical. In fact people keep saying that he is unorthodox, but I submit that he is actually very orthodox. The way he moves and the way he punches and kicks are how you are supposed to do it. Maybe everyone else is just sloppy. If Jackson and Liddell would have his(Machida’s) technique they would be unstoppable. They are just more naturally powerful.

  • artelus says:

    One more comment. The criticism of Machida by Sam is an admission of his ignorance about stand-up fighting.

  • Sam Caplan says:


    One more comment from me. Your claim of my being ignorant about standup fighting is what’s ignorant.

    Do you know what the term ignorant means? If you truly do, then you know ignorance does not apply when it comes to my criticism. You might not like my opinion, but I’m far from ignorant when it comes to standup.

    I trained boxing between the ages of 13-15 (I never fought, but I have formal training); I trained Karate sporadically between the age of 18-20 (well, it was Tiger Schulmann’s, does that count as Karate?); from 24-28 I trained Kung Fu and from 28 to the present I’ve trained Muay Thai. I’ve trained under former regional boxing champs, black belts, Masters, and Krus.

    My criticism of Machida’s standup isn’t from a lack of knowledge or experience. I know standup. My criticism has to do with personal taste. In my opinion he’s a boring fighter.

  • Pancho Villa says:

    The john and diego fight sucked! john fitch and kos, both exactly fought the same way against diego, kind of like in basketball, defenders will hang on shaq like a christmas ornament to prevent him from scoring instead of playing actual basketball and try and defend him. Josh half ass punched diego about 3 or 4 times and then spent the rest of the time running away. John layed on top of diego and gave him love taps all night. Dana should match up john against kos, and lets see who can put on the cheaper fight.


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