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UFC 76 (audio): Caplan’s post-fight rant on ESPN 920

Yeah, I just referred to myself in the third person.

But I was on Steve Cofield’s post-UFC 76 show last night on ESPN 920 in Vegas and went off on a rant. Steve has made the audio available to 5 Oz. listeners so you can hear my analysis by clicking here.

  • hbdale309 says:

    I agree, they should give Chuck to Wanderlei for Dec. 29.

    Put Forrest against Rampage for the belt and feed Jardine to Houston Alexander again.

  • Liddell-Silva still makes sense. I would like to see Machida-Jardine and Alexander-Griffin in the next round of LHW matchups.

  • luke says:

    jackson-griffin for the title, silva-jardine(winner gets titleshot), 1or2 more wins for alexander….feed him to liddell or shogun.
    rampage can’t wait 7-8 months.

  • Fujin says:

    I’m done with the Wandy/Chuck fight. I was done after Dana announced it happening all that time ago and it never happening.

  • Dana White on Liddell vs. Silva now ( “It’s just not meant to happen.”

    Odd how when Silva was coming off two losses in a row and Liddell was presumably coming off a big win over Keith Jardine, then it was “meant to happen.”

    But now that Liddell and Silva are on more equal footing from the standpoint of both losing two in a row, not it’s “not meant to happen.”

    Liddell doesn’t need or want that kind of preferential matchmaking.

    Also, please note that when I say “equal footing,” I’m talking about “equal footing” from the standpoint of winning the fight (with both Silva and Liddell having lost their last two fights now), not the marketability factor.

    As far as the marketability to the casual UFC fans is concerned, Liddell vs. Jardine would be bigger to them than Liddell vs. Silva because they have no idea who Silva is, and yet the UFC had no problem booking Liddell vs. Jardine.

    The same FoxSports article also said, “He [White] also was very confident of signing Fedor Emelianenko, but felt it wouldn’t happen until after Emelianenko competes in a Russian sambo tournament in the fall.”

  • Tanner says:

    I think only time will tell, Chuck may not want to fight Dec 29. I bet we don’t see him fight until Q1 2008 sometime. We probably will start seeing more info on whats Chucks next move is in the next coming weeks.


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