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The Dana White Show (a recap of Dana’s UFC 76-related comments)

The odds of me ever hosting a show with Dana White are slim and none and slim just got rear naked choked by Forrest Griffin late in the third round.

But what’s to stop me from taking Dana’s pre-UFC 76 and post-UFC 76 comments from places like (which had a summary on some comments he made on Scott Ferrall’s show on Sirius) and Yahoo! (where Kevin Iole has some post-show Dana quotes) an posting them here and giving my response?

Nothing. So here it goes.

First, Dana called out the blogging community during a post-UFC 76 rant and Iole has the comments in a article on Yahoo! that can be found here.

Here are the comments in question:

White launched into a tirade against the Pride fan boys and the Internet sites he said who encourage them to denigrate the UFC.

“I want to say something and everybody knows how I’ve felt for years about these goofy Internet websites,” White said through gritted teeth. “I hate them. They’re biased, crooked and there are a lot of other bad things I can say, but I don’t want to waste my time.

“They’ve been biased against us for years. Their reporting was always biased against us. They talk about fights that don’t make any sense. Let me tell you what: We’re the best in the business. Our matchmaker (Joe Silva) is the best. We put on the best and the biggest fights.”

As an operator of of a goofy Internet website, I feel obligated to address the comments.

I’m not so arrogant to think that Dana reads this blog but I hope someone who knows him does read this and word gets back to him.

First off, why is Dana lumping all the bloggers together? That’s really unfair. There are a lot of blogs out here now and we all do different things. Some are indeed anti-UFC but some cover nothing but UFC and even have “UFC” in their URL.

And then there are blogs like this one,,,, etc. that call it down the middle. Do we always call it the UFC’s way? No, but we’re not biased. Do I say some anti-UFC stuff sometimes? Yeah, but I’m just being honest. Dana presents himself as a guy who is honest and who tells it like it is. So why can’t he appreciate other people who are cut from the same cloth? Does he have a trademark on being outspoken?

C’mon Dana, just be fair and don’t write off all blogs just because you have issues with the way a few sites out there cover the UFC. Call out the specific sites you have a beef with instead of blasting an entire community. How would you feel if someone who knew nothing about MMA blasted BodogFIGHT and lumped the UFC into the same category without acknowledging any differentiation? Well, that’s what I feel like he’s pretty much doing to the MMA Internet community.

I’m a little offended that he’s lumping all bloggers into together (yes, I know Dana could give two shits about how I feel) but maybe I shouldn’t take his words too seriously. I don’t profess to know him but I’ve been told by those who do that he can be a pretty emotional guy. Iole alluded to the fact in his article that White was probably unhappy that Liddell lost.

He also had to have been pissed that Shogun lost too. It would have been one thing if Shogun put on an awesome performance and lost in a way where both fighters came out a winner but he gassed and didn’t look good. Rua is young enough that it’s not the end of the world but the UFC deserved a better effort for what they’re paying the guy.

Busy start of ’08 planned for the UFC?

When I was on the Vegas version of the ESPN 920 last night with Steve Cofield he mentioned that in addition to planning a show on Feb. 3 (Super Bowl weekend) that the UFC is talking about running shows in New Castle, England and Montreal, Canada in January.

That’s just crazy talk. The UFC can’t be serious?

But the crazy talk doesn’t end there. I wasn’t able to catch Scott Ferrall’s show on Sirius yesterday because I had to tape Inside the Cage and because it was a holiday. Fortunately, was on the ball and posted a recap of what Dana said.

Dana addressed the UFC going to Montreal but said GSP probably won’t be on the card.

You’ve got to be kidding me?

How do you run Montreal and not have GSP headline the show fighting for the welterweight title? That’s bigger than big.

My thinking is that cooler heads will prevail. I think they’ll do a show in Newcastle in January and then the Super Bowl weekend show and then save the Montreal show for later so GSP can headline it. Dana may have said a Montreal show without GSP could happen but I don’t for a minute believe that will be the case in the end.

Dana thinks Cro Cop might retire

In the same Dana interview recap, the article indicates that White doesn’t know what’s up with Cro Cop and that he thinks he might retire soon.

That’s a pretty interesting take on the topic coming from the president of the UFC. At $350,000 per match (at least), I’m sure there would be no tears shed at the Zuffa offices if Cro Cop hung up the gloves.

Mark Hunt under contract to Zuffa?

According to, a caller asked Dana about Mark Hunt. Here’s how the article recapped the exchange:

Caller asks about Mark Hunt. He says Hunt is under contract from the PRIDE deal and they are working some things out still.

Mark Hunt in the UFC? Is that more crazy talk? Dana doesn’t like super heavyweights and Mark Hunt would really have to re-dedicate himself to MMA to make 265 lbs. on a consistent basis.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Hunt in the UFC and it’s newsworthy that Dana isn’t ruling him out.

Dana tired of being asked about Fedor

This is what said when Fedor’s name was brought up on Ferrall’s show:

Says he is tired of people asking about Fedor Emelianenko. He says Fedor has a sambo match in November/December and he hopes to have him signed to a deal by December.

I’m tired of talking about Fedor too. Why does Dana keep saying he hopes to have a deal done? Just say we’re talking to his people and we’re interested in signing him. If we have something to report, we’ll make an announcement. But by continuing to present themselves as the front-runner to sign him is a high-risk/low reward situation.

If the UFC does sign Fedor, how impressed will people be when he’s been saying for months now that he’d get it done? It’s not all that impressive when you do something you said you were going to do. It’s a lot more newsworthy when you do something that’s out of left field. And if Fedor signs somewhere else, then Dana has to eat crowd. Why does he box himself into corners like that? As a media guy, I’m not complaining; the more quote worthy the better. But if I take a step back, he adds more stress to his life then he needs to sometimes.

I’ll try and have some more post-fight press conference stuff for you guys later (man, the UFC needs to televise it live on their web site and not chop it down in tape-delayed bits).

  • Davey D says:

    I post on mmajunkine & 5oz as much as I can and I hope Dana reads my comments. I’ve always liked MMA as a whole and have been watching since UFC 1.

    Pride was good while it lasted and I wish I could have been to Japan to see one of their show’s live. Even their two events in Vegas were awesome and it would’ve been good to see it in person too. They were a truly amazing brand of MMA and I miss it already.

    The UFC is has been at the top of quite some time now and I haven’t missed one event in like 4 years. I remember when they wanted to set up Randy vs. Wanderlei, that would’ve been awesome. Which is why Silva vs. Liddell should still happen. Personally, I would mind seeing Cro-Cop and Chuck fighting if Wand doesn’t want to fight Chuck now. Chuck should move to HW anyways.

    Dana has done a hell of a lot for the sport of MMA and I don’t think it would be where it is today with out him. He also has a lot of good people working with him too and that’s always good.

    Montreal – I think GSP vs. Fitch should happen there if both are game. I know a lot of folk want to see him fight in his hometown. Having this fight happen just makes a lot sense to me.

    Mark Hunt – I hope to see him soon. Getting to 265 lbs often could be issue for him. If he came to America and trained with say…BJ Penn, Camp Jackson or Team Quest. I think they help him out a lot with getting used to fighting in the UFC and all it entails. Imagine if they matched him up with Brock Lesnar or Gabe Gonzaga.

    Fedor – Another fighter I hope to see soon. I really think they’ll have him by November. Maybe they already do and their just waiting until the time is right to say so? After last night or if he even watches UFC 76. I hope Fedor feels the need to compete with the UFC HW class and show the world what he’s all about.

  • I find it hard to believe anyone could be 100% behind the UFC as they have made some clear mistakes this year like the UFC 72 PPV debacle and the drug testing at UFC 69 and 70.

    I tend to focus on the news more than my opinions in my actual posts and let my personal thoughts roam free in the comments. Obviously I know my audience is UFC fans so to go bashing the UFC would make no sense so I try to balance it as much as possible between being informative and highly critical.

  • Jeremy says:

    I wouldn’t be to upset about Dana lumping all the blogs/bloggers together. He’s not going to come out and name the ones he doesn’t like and give them attention. So he just lumps them all together when he goes off on them. Maybe he’d be better off just naming ones he likes, but we all know Dana. If he doesn’t get to go off on something and drop F-bombs every other word he wouldn’t be talking.

  • garth says:

    Dana doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. He’s likely read one or two blog posts slamming the UFC about Hamill/Bisping and some Sherdog posts by halfwits who can’t spell their own names. I’m betting he’s actually basing his opinion on printouts of webpages.
    As far as him “getting tired” about hearing about Fedor…SIGN HIM, YOU ASS.
    Also, if he’s tired….Awww. Poor widdle guy. Anyone else feel a huge surge of sympathy for Dana White?

  • robnashville says:

    goofy Internet websites = Sherdog

    None of the internet blogs are of enough relevance to register on Dana’s radar. This is about the hard on he has for Sherdog, and in return, the hard on they have for him.

  • jaydog says:

    Sam, Dana is a paranoid control freak, so don’t take it personal. Although he’s clearly the most influential person in MMA right now, the sport is bigger than he is and his loud mouth will not dictate its evolution. Conversely, “Fan-boy websites” will continue to shape the sport, by making spectatorship more participatory and satisfying between the UFC’s sometimes sparse offerings (obviously a big part of Dana’s territorial beef). This fact is heightened by the reality that the various fight promotions are inept at doing mainstream media work and seem content to remain a fledgling sport for years to come. Maybe that’s harsh, because things are changing quickly right now, but if the leadership sees fit to take pot-shots at the fan-base and those who support the fans, then MMA will be only a semi-professional entertainment spectacle and not a sport. Sam, your website and pioneering MMA journalism is bridging a gap, helping the sport branch out, attain mainstream credibility, and increasing popular support.

  • Fujin says:

    It’s been evident for a long time that if Dana actually cares about MMA, it takes a waaaaaaay backseat to making money. That’s totally understandable, he’s a businessman.

    Hardcore MMA fans, the ones that might go out of their way to “find” fights instead of just watching repeats on Spike TV, don’t make the UFC much money. It’s much more lucrative to attract the new fans, so that’s what Dana cares about, new fans that take his word as law and love “Ultimate Fighting”.

  • lol at that press conference rant

  • Dana White on Liddell vs. Silva now ( “It’s just not meant to happen.”

    Odd how when Silva was coming off two losses in a row and Liddell was presumably coming off a big win over Keith Jardine, then it was “meant to happen.”

    But now that Liddell and Silva are on more equal footing from the standpoint of both losing two in a row, not it’s “not meant to happen.”

    Liddell doesn’t need or want that kind of preferential matchmaking.

    The same FoxSports article also said, “He [White] also was very confident of signing Fedor Emelianenko, but felt it wouldn’t happen until after Emelianenko competes in a Russian sambo tournament in the fall.”

  • Also, please note that when I say “equal footing,” I’m talking about “equal footing” from the standpoint of winning the fight (with both Silva and Liddell having lost their last two fights now), not the marketability factor.

    As far as the marketability to the casual UFC fans is concerned, Liddell vs. Jardine would be bigger to them than Liddell vs. Silva because they have no idea who Silva is, and yet the UFC had no problem booking Liddell vs. Jardine.

  • Accomando says:

    “….Odd how when Silva was coming off two losses in a row and Liddell was presumably coming off a big win over Keith Jardine, then it was “meant to happen.”…”

    Ahh, ha ha. I thought the same thing. If anything, Liddell/Silva makes more sense now than ever.

  • […] white has been on a rage lately about the interwebs. After UFC 76, Dana White choked with rage and snarled his hatred of the unjust websites that always downplayed his organization’s fighters. Now he’s at it again, blaming […]

  • ted dibiase says:

    why would crocop take out the mini cage in his house for a full size one if hes gonna retire. this is more “retirement” talk from dana.

    chuck was gonna retire after losing to Jardine Can, sure dana.
    couture didnt quit the ufc, he retired, sure dana.
    crocop is gonna retire, sure dana.

    he’ll say anything to make himself look good, and apparently swearing is cool and stuff.


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