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Riggs, Ricco, and Florian on Inside the Cage Radio (listen now!)

I’ve got a lot of post UFC-76 stuff posted here but I don’t want anyone to miss out on the awesome newest edition of Inside the Cage Radio that Matt Cava and I hosted yesterday with Kenny Florian, Ricco Rodriguez, and Joe Riggs.

Just click “play now” or download.


  • I’ve listened to most of the first section about Gina Carano’s “problems” and all Italian women having big boobs and how hard it is to cut boob weight…it had me crackin’ up.

  • Sam_Cupitt says:

    Nice show man, i do enjoy these.

    I like it how you tried to deal with the women mma issues with maturity but it seems like Matts the kinda guy that giggles at the word doodle, but having said that it was still fucking hilarious.

    You got three reallly good interviews there mon. I must say, i never really liked Ricco or Joe Riggs but after listening to that, i have more respect for Joe Riggs. That story about Nick was hilarious, even tho im sure nick would see it differently.

    Top notch stuff.


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