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Controversial IFL highlights of Ricco Rodriguez back in action

Normally I don’t post video here on 5 Oz. because I’m just now down with copyright violation or violating intellectual property. But the IFL has been gracious enough to grant me permission to display video highlights of the heavyweight match between Ben Rothwell from the Silverbacks and Ricco Rodriguez of the Pitbulls from this past Thursday’s finals in Hollywood, Fla.

There was some controversy in the match because at one point Ricco caught Rothwell in the groin area and the match had to be stopped. Ricco accused Rothwell of acting. You can check out the clip below (it takes place around the 2:59 mark):

There was additional controversy when it appeared that Ricco spit on Rothwell in the third round out of frustration:

You can watch the entire IFL finals tomorrow (Monday) night at 8 p.m. ET on MyNetworkTV. Matt Cava and I had a chance to ask Ricco to address the controversy during yesterday’s taping of Inside the Cage Radio. Scroll down a few entries to listen to this week’s show.


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