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Diego Sanchez considering move to lightweight

In a post-UFC 76 article by Dave Doyle of Yahoo!, apparently Diego Sanchez is not ruling out dropping down to 155 lbs. following last night’s lost to Jon Fitch via unanimous decision:

“I’m contemplating in my mind if I’m going to drop to (1)55 or not, because I’m a smaller welterweight. I could do more powerlifting and put some more weight on or I could lose some weight.”

It sounds like he’s on the fence. He must have been pretty emotional coming off the loss. When I interview him on Steve Cofield’s Fox Sports Radio show in Vegas prior to UFC 74 he sounded pretty committed to 170 lbs. I think in the end, that’s where he’ll stay. Although, Diego at 155 lbs. would be pretty damn scary.

  • Grape Knee High says:

    Diego seems ripe for a drop to 155, if you ask me. He looked small, really small next to Koscheck and Fitch. How do you think he’ll look next to GSP? Like a small boy.

    As the sport matures, I think people will continue to be forced to fight in weight classes that their frame and musculature dictates rather than what weight class that they really want to fight in. If they want to win, that is.

  • hbdale309 says:

    Being a top 5 welterweight in the world, I think Diego should try power lifting(or whatever) to get stronger. He didn’t lose by that much to Fitch and Diego already beat Kos once; I think Sanchez could take 2 out of 3. Remember that staph infection probably messed him up in that 2nd fight.

    He also beat Karo, Alessio and other strong 170ers so Diego should stick to 170 for a while longer; at least until he loses again – if he loses again. May put him against Alves.

  • Fujin says:

    Fitch is huge. 6 feet and probably walks around at or over 200lbs. He dwarfs most of the WW division.


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